2021-11-23 The State of Cannabis News Hour. Your Daily Dose

The State of Cannabis News Hour. Your Daily Dose A one hour news program that covers the leading headlines in cannabis across the world every weekday! at …


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  1. I find it so silly how humans want to create two little boxes and put everyone in them (dems/repubs) they all suck! Our entire political and taxation system sucks! Fight the system keep underground F the government

  2. 5 minutes in and y’all can’t help it take shots? What kind of people are you? We all fighting from the same thing, republican or democrat.. y’all really trying to be the Fox News of Cannabis, aren’t y’all?

  3. The second that one person brings up the fact that California is basically being driven into the dirt by the Communist Democrat Party he gets shut down and said that it's both parties that is the biggest crock of s*** ever true small government conservative Republicans have been ran out of California they have absolutely zero say on anything and they're the ones who would be causing California to be the best state in this country

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