The Most Dangerous Black Market You've Never Heard Of

Mercury is crucial to small-scale gold mining in South America but increasing scrutiny of its health and environmental impact in the Amazon is leading to its …


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  1. Yo . So glad to see this. I'm from Suriname and also worked in the gold mining. When I was on top of the sand. They gave me 1 dop Mercury to spray on the sand. And after 3 weeks of working u get the same weight of mercury u threw again. All of it came with the gold . They separate by burning them.

  2. I'm not an expert surly someone who has the expertise to do the mining in a clean way could go there and train the people? Seem like a lack of education? Vice goes to these places if they brought with them a expert as well in the given field could report the news as well as changing people.

  3. Instead of just putting in that small bit of effort to seperate flour gold from concentrated they would rather feed a black market industry to poison the environment and expose themselves to mercury…I guarantee you none of the workers have perper saftey equiptment for vaporizing mercury. I wonder what a worker's life expectancy is. Probably not long.

  4. When I was a little kid, I broke open a thermometer, and was so amazed with the mercury, I played with for a while on a paper plate. Then I got afraid I was going to get in trouble for breaking the thermometer, so I threw the mercury under a bush in the back yard. Then hid the broken glass in the garbage. OMG I was so stupid! But I had no idea mercury was bad like that. It wasn't that much, but I put it in the ground in my back yard. I'm sorry.

  5. Of course governments are in bed with the big miners! They recieve a percentage and tax money's from companies as well as contract fees!!! This creates jobs.
    The entire country benefits when minerals like gold are pulled legally from the soil. The dollar value for the entire nation goes up when precious metals are found. When these are pulled illegally the country does not benefit- the dollar value is not effected and the pollution continues.

  6. What is the point in earning money for sending your children to school when every child born of you after you have been exposed to mercury will have birth defects, seen and unseen. The children will have reduced intelligence, mental health issues and unseen long term effects.
    Every time daddy comes home the mercury on his person in small amounts unseen to the naked eye will be devastating to their children's health. It will be mixed into the dirt stuck on his skin and clothes…
    Sad, sad day when heavy metals are still being used long after we deemed them dangerous

  7. Excellent documentary! I was unaware of the impacts of mercury and our environment, governments not locking down on this, how poor people are influenced to work in these mines because they have to feed their families/maintain a living, how places like Canada, Switzerland, and others are supporting this industry, how the black market is a multi-millions industry-esp. with mercury, and I learned so much more. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. In the current woke lunatic cancel culture I was surprised that Vice would use the term "Black Market" in reference to something illegal πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

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