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Amazon MUST HAVES! Everything I Bought in November! 40+ Must Have Items! Thanks so much for watching! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! XO -SUBSCRIBE …


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  1. I have really dry eyelids to the point where they've been flaking. The thing that really helped was using Vaseline. I dab some on my eyelid and under my eye day and night for about a week or so and now they finally feel normal. I still do this a couple times out of the week just to maintain the hydration.

  2. Tarte Maracuja Oil is great for eyelids! I get dry eyelids in the winter (and also behind my ears, weirdly!) I use it at night because it is kind of greasy, but works wonders!

  3. I just had my first baby 4 months ago! My skin became freakishly dry as well, that little boy sucked me dry! CeraVe eye repair cream was a life saver. I still use it! The trick is to put a little bit of water on your eyelids first before putting on the lotion. Also! Super weird note – I used bio oil allllllll though pregnancy right up until I gave birth. Had ZERO stretch marks… but when I got home from the hospital they appeared! My doctors that that's actually a thing! So weird.

  4. Hi love the video. My coworker is esthetician and she suggested hydrocortisone. I had dry burning eye lids for about 2 wks and nothing worked. I thought her crazy! But after one use so much better. Few days later healed up. Hope that helps!

  5. It’s so sad someone was shaming another mom for pumping. I pretty much exclusively pumped bc my babies didn’t latch and I never produced enough for both of them (I have twins). My daughter latched a little in the hospital with the help of a shield, but once we got home, my son was the better of the two. Neither were great though, and I’m sure their size didn’t help (they were 36.2 week babies and born at 4.12 and 5.13). I also stayed home by myself with them, so finding time to pump was hard but I was determined. I did better pumping every 8 hours. I physically couldn’t tie myself up on a pump every 3 or 4 hours during the day while taking care of both of them alone.

  6. In winter I use the Cerave Healing Ointment on my eye area at night. I take a small amount, warm it up in my fingers and tap it on. Too thick for day time but keeps my eye skin plump and hydrated.

  7. Congrats on 20 weeks! It’s such a huge and exciting milestone. If you haven’t done your anatomy scan yet, ask them to explain everything and show you all the details, it’s so fun and interesting!
    Also, I just got that Tula face wash in my fab fit fun and I can’t wait to use it!

  8. Castor Oil for dry eyelids… This sounds crazy, but I recently watched a YouTube video by Laura Rae Beauty and she recommended. I've ordered but haven't tried yet, but I do find her recommendations to be solid.

  9. I sure hope breastfeeding works out for you just EXACTLY as you hope it does!! I nursed 2 babies. One started to ween herself at 7 months and the other nursed until 15 months before I cut her off!! I really didn't care too much about nursing but my husband wanted me to try it. I ended up truly loving nursing and was so glad I did it! However, with my first, I did not have enough supply to pump except first thing in the morning. It was nice to have some in the freezer so I could go out without the baby and know she would be fine. However, since my supply wasn't huge, it was very time consuming to pump so I didn't even try with my 2nd daughter. No time for as l of that with a two year old at home too!! I say all this to also add that I knew a lot of mom's who were unable to nurse effectively for one reason or another. I hope it works for you!!

  10. Girl you wouldn’t believe the shaming I got regarding how my doctor…yes doctor recommended birthing my baby. Yes you read that right and it was before the birth even happened!! It was insane! Every woman is different and I have a team of doctors! Why this woman thought she was smarter I will never know!

  11. PF aloe is a gel stick. Pop it in in the fridge i use all the time especially if I cry. Cliniqe moisture surge everything. Smashbox face primer too,the original i use on my lids it won't burn

  12. Hi there, I just came across your channel! If you look up Rhian Hy Dry Skin, she talks about what she uses for dry skin, dermatitis. I LOVE her channel. She hasn't posted in a while but you can binge watch her previous videos. Highly recommend!! 🙂

  13. I have super dry and sensitive skin, and I use the Mad Hippie eye cream on my under eyes and lids. I’ve had eczema dryness that started a year after baby, and that is next level dry skin. My dermatologist recommended that I do not use steroid cream around my eyes, so I’ve gone through many different eye creams.

  14. I used Willow and baby Buddha pumps with my LO and I loved the willow at first and then it had operation issues but my baby Buddha was a champ! Would recommend for sure!

    I ended up exclusively pumping for 13 months as my nursing journey didn’t go as planned but my milk grew my baby and you should be proud of however you feed your babe!

  15. Cerave healing ointment at night around your eyes!!!!! Do you watch Dr Dray on youtube??!! Soooo many skincare tips and tricks. Check her out. I'm obsessed with her! Cerave has an anti itch lotion that I used on my baby bump when my stomach got crazy crazzzzyyy itchy lol. I did ask my dermo if it was safe. You should ask your doc just to be sure!!! You look stunning 😍

  16. I’m a big fan of hand pumps. Sounds crazy but for me personally, they work better than my spectra & my elvie. My daughter just turned 2 & I nursed her for 11mo. With her, I barely used the spectra once I discovered the elvie. Then I eventually got a hand pump & used that & the elvie 50/50. My second child is 2.5mo currently & I am nursing. I only use the hand pump now. It gets me the most milk & I only do it 5min or so & get 3-4oz… Sorry for the ramble lol. You will figure out what works best for you. But a hand pump is always great to have on hand 👍🏻☺️

  17. Always keep a bottle of peroxide on hand. It can save you hundreds in vet bills. If a dog ingests something harmful like chocolate, mouse poison etc pour a couple of tablespoons down them wait 3-4 minutes and it will be right back up. If you feel like some was digested and absorbed into bloodstream still notify you vet. In a smaller dog about one tablespoon is all you need. My Bloodhounds found everything with those dang noses. So being able to induce vomiting saved me.

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