Adidas’s first foray into the metaverse will likely include NFTs

Nike isn’t the only sportswear brand dabbling in metaverses. Adidas has teased a metaverse where people in “overlooked locations with updated values” can share their “most original ideas” and otherwise let their individualism shine. The company is cryptic about what this will involve, but NFTs might play a prominent role.

Adidas has joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club, a collection of Bored Ape NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, with its own entry, the “rebellious optimist” ape Indigo Herz (shown above). This is a “sign of what’s to come,” the brand said, noting that NFTs would give metaverse users a chance to own a slice of what they made. The company is encouraging users to grab its Confirmed app to “discover more,” and is taking email signups as well.

A move like this isn’t surprising. It gives Adidas a chance to seize on two tech trends at once and ride the ensuing publicity, of course. However, it could also help the label expand its fashion and art ambitions to the digital realm. You might see other brands follow suit, at least if the metaverses from Adidas and Nike prove relatively successful.

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