Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill (2021)

Cannabis stocks could become hot again on Wall Street Bets after Marijuana Moment reported Friday a new Republican-led congressional marijuana …


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  1. Just curious as a NC resident currently facing non violent manufacturing charges (allegedly growing weed lol) how would these policies affect those currently pending trial? I mean can't be expunged if I'm not currently found guilty… would I with manufacturing charges or others with say simple possession charges be still expected to serve time behind bars or suffer other legal penalties even if the greenlight comes through? Nobody seems to touch on this inbetween gray area. Any thoughts YouTube experts?

  2. I like the social equity and non violent offenders bits of the bills. However, when you tax the shit out of a product it just makes it look way more greedy. I don’t trust any of these people. I don’t believe they would use the money appropriately.

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