WM Technology Is The Best Investment In This Space: $MAPS

WM Technology Is The Best Investment In This Space: $MAPS //// Let me show you how to sift through WM Technology’s income statement and statement of …


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  1. 👆Nice video!! Very attractive from start to finish. However, the wisest thing that should be on any list of smart individuals is to invest in different streams of income that don't depend on the government to generate money, especially now that business and investing is the easiest way to make money regardless of which. party does it at the oval office. I make huge profits on my investment since I started trading with Emory Reuben, and he's trading predictions are top notched. I have been able to grow up to 6.4 BTC with just 0.85 BTC in less than a 7 weeks.

  2. My issue is you just copy the analysts mean average in every video… Analysts are always skewed to be over bullish and when the stock price runs away from assumptions they just move numbers around.
    I would prefer you dive deeper and do your predictions, or give the valuation results a healthy margin of safety to offset the over bullishness we see from dudes who normally get it wrong time and time again.

  3. This is my favorite channel on YouTube!

    As someone who contributes to the channel, it would be great if the members could download the model. In the case of WM, 87% of the intrinsic value (IV) is the terminal value, after year 10, and the discounted value is higher because of the choice to use a WACC that is lower. I’d be happy to run scenarios to model how much of the IV is dependent on the choice of WACC. I think understanding the sensitivity of IV is important, since rising interest rates in an inflationary environment could really impact the value of companies.

    Also, it would be awesome if you provided to members a spreadsheet that ‘mapped’ each video to the ticker and identified the intrinsic value for each. That way I can routinely check stock prices and compare to the IV of each company.

    Great video again!

  4. VIH > BKKT was a good SPAC that took off eventually after also humming along at $8 for a while after becoming BKKT and then suddenly the MA partnership sent the price off ! Was quite volatile.

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