7-Eleven and Nuro begin autonomous vehicle deliveries in California

7-Eleven has teamed up with Nuro for autonomous vehicle deliveries in Mountain View, California. Residents can place orders through the 7Now app and an AV might bring the items to their location.

Autonomous deliveries won’t cost customers anything extra. They’re available from 8AM until 9PM PT every day, and the companies say orders should arrive in around 30 minutes. When the AV arrives, customers collect their items from the rear. There are some limitations. You won’t be able to order age-restricted items — such as alcohol, tobacco or lottery tickets — for autonomous delivery.

Nuro will initially use self-driving Priuses with a human operator monitoring the tech from the driver seat. Eventually, Nuro’s R2 robot, which has been making deliveries in other states, will bring 7-Eleven orders to customers’ doorsteps in Mountain View, where the company is based.

This is the first commercial AV delivery service in California, according to Nuro. The state’s DMV granted Nuro California’s first Autonomous Vehicle Deployment Permit last December.

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