Make Hazelnut Coffee Creamer at Home (withOUT the Gunk)

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  1. A Vitamix works great too. Use a strainer for the pulp. Then put the liquid back into the Vitamix and add the other ingredients.
    Personally, I soak all of my nuts overnight to start the sprouting process and to remove the bitterness.
    Also, instead of water, try using half & half or coconut milk.

  2. THOMAS, Could you please do a video exploring the reason why eggs plus grapefruit or tomatoes causes more weight loss than just same # of eggs? I have used an egg/grapefruit diet to help control my weight for 55 years. My mom brought it home from hospital where she worked. It was labeled "Mayo Clinic Diet" but they have disavowed that it was ever theirs. I stopped using it when we went low carb 10 years ago, thinking too much sugar. But in your video the other day you say grapefruit has minimal impact on blood sugar. Why?

  3. My husband and I were making our coffee this morning and I told him how nice it would be to be able to make our own creamer. I wasn’t sure how to do it. We sat down to have our coffee, flipped Utube on and THIS video was third on the list as “suggested videos”. WoW! We are definitely looking into the Almond Cow. Fantastic being able to utilize the pulp as morning “oats” and be healthy for my keto life! Thank you, Thomas, for your plethora of knowledge and consistency. Strong work! 💪🏼

  4. Tom love your videos I have an off subject question im 56 and wondering if you have a supplement you suggest for enlarged prostate ..frequent urination ..Anyway thanks in advance

  5. Expensive machine, but kewl! They have it on sale for 25.00 off right now.
    I cannot use coconut oil or coconut milk/cream, turns out I'm allergic to it and it makes me super sick! Took me almost 3 years to figure it out. Crazy and a super bummer.
    Also, sometimes you talk to fast Thomas. Could you slow down a. Bit? Hehe thanks 😊

  6. What about taking the creamer and creamer by-product with coffee and ice to a blender to make it a thick frozen coffee frappe??? Maybe a lil dark bitter chocolate as well!

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