TikTok's Viral Milk Crate Challenge Causing Life-Threatening Conditions!

The viral milk crate challenge is TikTok’s latest trend, but as much as you THINK you may know how to conquer this dangerous feat, you may want to think again …


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  1. This dumbass challenge has not been "VIRAL". Quit labeling everything as fucking "VIRAL". Viral means that the whole damn world knows about it. Only assholes on Tik Tok apparently have heard of this stupid thing… And, AS YOU DAMN WELL KNOW, most people using the Internet have not been using Tik Tok. There is data to show that FACT.

  2. The dangers are the same as playing any contact sport or extreme sport like skateboarding or BMX. The difference is athletes are in peak condition and train. The problem with the milk crate challenge is most people doing it are out of shape and/or are uncoordinated. It’d be the same problem if all these people decided to participate in the above mentioned sports.

  3. The person that films the challenge: "They're fine Tiktok."

    My grandma: "We're they injured? Then they're not fine you fucking idiot."

    (She literally said that, I'm not joking 😂)

  4. People need to do their research before doing demonic masoneric challenges like this…. We need to be preparing for what's to come, not busting asses falling off milk crates this is embarrassing…….😑 Shout out to Nubreed Till the World Over for waking people up or at least trying to. YALL GO SUBSCRIBE TO HIM.

  5. Hmm I don’t see no milk all I see is spilt stuoid brain cells and busted asses all over the place, but thankfully no milk was actually harmed in the making of those vids.

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