Medical Marijuana Delivery Methods & When To Use Them | Discover Marijuana

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  1. This channel has been so much help for me! I didn’t know where to start learning until I saw this channel. Thank you for all the educational information and I am happy I can continue to learn from you. The community has been awesome and a great help!

  2. Thanks for this information I appreciate you guys taking the time! Cannabis has been very helpful to me especially in replacing all other Pharmacy medications big and small. I use edibles for pain and sleep, as well as topicals for a great pain relieving combination. I am grateful to have found such a beneficial plant!

  3. Great info with comprehensive details! It's nice to have all of the different methods described in order — gives an excellent comparison for those new to the plant. Thank you!!

  4. So grateful for the extra tidbits and knowledge from this channel! You all are so rad.
    My preferred method of use has been a 1:1 tincture, and it helps me get through a full night’s sleep without any pain or issues staying asleep. It’s wonderful to have the extra help in staying healthy. Thanks for all you do!

  5. I'm so thankful for this channel and having access to much needed pain relief and it helps me manage my seizures as well. I personally find that a 1:1 or something higher in CBD and CBG the most beneficial for me. I appreciate all the educational videos you guys put out.

  6. I love the fact that they do deliveries now; sometimes, you don't have time to go to the dispensary, and it's very convenient for me and others. Thanks for everything you guys have done for this community 🙏

  7. I’ve been following you guys ever since I became a medical patient. I switched to tincture about 3 months back and honestly once you switch to tinctures you never go back to vaporizing 😂 It’s way more convenient and I like how you can control the dosage.

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