18 BEST Gifts for GUYS! *Mens Gift Guide 2021*

18 BEST Gifts for GUYS! *Holiday Mens Gift Guide 2021* For links to all Christmas gift ideas & discount codes mentioned in this video – click SHOW MORE!


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  1. I bought four things off this list for my son and husband and will likely get myself a wine chiller, which I found while looking at the sold out beer chillers. These were excellent suggestions!

  2. Super good video. Some super nice gift ideas. For your next super video you should go with super ideas for straight guys. I had never thought about it but this super video showed me that gay guys apparently have super different wants and needs than us straight guys, where gifts are concerned. You two are super cute together in this super video.

  3. Thank you Shea & Josh for doing this Gift Guide for Men!!!
    Please…do these every year, to help prior to Christmas!!!
    AMAZON hauls are most definitely my FAVORITE!!!πŸ₯°
    You're a cute…couple!!!
    Seasons Greetings!!!

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  5. That Beard Bib is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I wish I would have known such a thing existed for the past five years that my husband has been driving me crazy getting beard hair trimmings on EVERYTHING.

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