BuildASoil 10×10: WATERING DURING FLOWER: Season 2, Episode 20

Episode 20, Season 2: Day 26 of Flower In this episode, we cover watering at this stage in flower. We also discuss the observations on the CO2 levels.


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  1. Please hire me when you open in BC, I’ll move to wherever you will be…Canada…that’s how you start a soul/soil tribe. Much Respect, Native Grower

  2. Hey bro luv the show so much info that will be helping so many growerz out there🙏🏼✌🏼thanks again an happy growing,growerz peace luv an respect brother💚🌱🌱🌱💚🙏🏼🇬🇧💯👊🏼keep up the great work,PEACE ✌🏼

  3. FAQ Question: What is the BAS way/recipe/recommendation for recycling 3.0 soil? I’m running 10gal grass roots pots and staggering the timing of my plants in bloom so I can harvest one every couple weeks or so. I’d like to then take the used soil from the 10gal and recycle it for the next plant that will be moved to bloom. I know a soil test is the best way, but I don’t think it makes sense to go through that in this application. Thanks in advance, I can’t find this specific info anywhere. 🙌👊🤙💚

  4. I been doing no till in 1 – 20 gallon pots. The smaller the pot the harder it is but it’s more than possible. & also the smaller the pot the smaller the yield. But if you are pheno hunting it doesn’t really matter. Smaller pots just take more work but it’s cool if you ask me 👽

  5. Hi! Michael from the U.K here. Your tips on watering saved my plant. It went from nearly dying to fairly healthy within 10 days and the suprising thing is….it was in week 4 of flower. I cannot believe how much it helped! Thanks for the info! I love watching your video

  6. I have a theory on fungus gnats with new no till living soil beds. It has to do with soil infiltration and saturation rates.
    Is it possible, when the beds or pots are new, they don’t have the capacity to hold a large watering once or twice a week. They require frequent light waterings until they have enough fungal glue and humus to hold more water without allowing it to ultimately drain to the bottom inch or two (even with copious amounts of saponins…after all, you can only add so much sap before creating concrete). Once you’re able to water enough to allow a dry down, the fungus gnats won’t survive more than one mating cycle after being brought in by compost. Utilizing neem oil occasionally helps new beds cut the initial infestations in half and can be used for an ill-timed mating cycle due to adding fresh compost in flower for example.

    Does this theory hold water? Shit. Sorry for the pun.

  7. Hey Jeremy, I was super curious. I’m not too sure if you’ve went over this yet and I missed it but I have yet to figure out what to do with old roots in a no till garden. Do you just leave them in to support the microbial life or do you have a method of removing them? Any info on this would be great. Thank you for all the amazing information and all that you do and have done for this wonderful community. 🙂

  8. I’ve been learning more about Korean Natural Farming lately and really appreciating the fundamentals of the process. I’ll probably supplement my next run with some of the inputs. What are your thoughts of KNF? It seems like it’s principles runs alongside the Build A Soil Way.

    Thanks for everything you guys do. I just received my Build A Soil package from you guys and can’t wait to put everything to use.

  9. I would like know if I use a 4×4 grassroots bed would one take n bake kit be enough? I know it won't fill it just wondering if it will be enough? Also which pre-made soil is most like the take n bake? Light? 3.0? Oly? Malibu?

  10. Thanks for the shopping list. Great episode learned a lot. Heading to your site for my next order. I have a reveg in an Earthbox, seed planted 3/20, reveged in September. She is doing great !! Earthboxes rule 🙏😀❤️

  11. You ALSO said you wait 4 the biology that you added 2 be available…not a correction just a supplementation of your supporting facts…” YOU BUILD “ NOT add buttt CREATE and CONFORM…just tryin 2 bacc you fam😎😎😎

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