Russian Missile Forces International Space Station Astronauts to Shelter

A Russian anti-satellite missile test blew up one of its own satellites on Monday, November 15, according to the BBC, resulting in 1500 pieces of trackable orbital …


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  1. TALK, TALK, TALK,,, while Government's analyze 1,000's of different Ideas from 'EVERYONE' who think's the have the Solution to Dispose of ALL Space Junk and after Testing well Chosen Ideas etc. etc. etc. the POLLUTION in the TROPOSHPHERE is expanding which in turn is Shrinking the STRATOSHHERE that BURNS-UP Space Junk enabling Space Junk not to BURN-UP completely,,,,,,Eccl.9:5 is working.

  2. This is one area that should be big on recycling we might be able to make something useful out of all that junk get a shuttle like the old types with the big cargo area put a magnet in it and then let it go around the planet and get a bunch of junk inside then it comes back safely and then we can analyze and figure out ways to use it again better than just burrning it up cause the laser could miss or bounce off of something and hit the station or a satellite

  3. Military hubris can’t be stated any better than their willingness to create space debris simply to draw a “line” in the sand. Obviously they come from castles in the sand…. War No More!

  4. They contradict themselves so much. First off missels don't reach space. Not even close. And secondly I thought space satellites were in "space"? Missels couldn't even reach it if that were true. Goes to show that satellites are not actually in space. They are all in upper earths atmosphere that's it.. "space " as we know it to be as we were taught, does not exsist. We've been lied to since day one and ever since then nasa is backing their lies backed by more lies which are backed by even more lies. What a gullable world. Don't ever trust man and believe everything they tell us.. In the end God will reveal all truth

  5. It's not even confirmed. Yet you guys tell it as if Russia is responsible for it. Actual propaganda. Nothing new for this channel. Also according to the BBC? Yeah more fake news lol. Great source

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