Joe Rogan GRILLS Steven Crowder on Weed

Joe Rogan GRILLS Steven Crowder on Weed #DylanBurnsTV #JoeRogan #StevenCrowder ·························· ▻ Find me on Twitch …


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  1. So lame hes so passionate about something as fucking insignificant as legalizing weed, but on most other issues hes cool chilling with the right.

  2. the benefits for weed during cancer are more for the pain relief and appetite inducer during radiation therapy…my dad died from C. I know weed helps and kept him at a dinner table for a while before the end..its easy to dislike something if you dont have a need for it or understand it.

  3. Crowder doesn't want to talk about it bc he knows it'd alienate some people and even cause some people who like him to question his other beliefs.

    also he doesn't want to be insulted bc it's about his image and how he presents himself. that's why he freaked out so much about Sam Seder bc he needs this image to uphold. he's so afraid of even some friendly ragging could look bad for him.

  4. "I was raised in the socialist province of Quebec!"

    Oh boy, If he thinks that enough to make you a progressive/socialist/leftist/communist, he's truly more far gone than Joe could think! 😂 We got our fair share of Trad Caths, French supremacists and other general capitalist/conspirationist types to justify a Cold-Feet-Crowder type growing here!

  5. I dint like Steven crowder like at all. But I don't think he said it should be illegal he was saying it shouldn't be called medicine. I'm fine with that. Alcohol should be legal I dont think people should call it medicine. Maybe ina moderate amount or with the right diet it's good for you but wouldn't call it a a medicine. Just enjoy it for what it is dont build it up to be a miracle.

  6. It's not even the possible fact that it may be less useful than other things, its just that he makes subjective claims…."in my view/opinion…." thats totally subjective…..He has no objective reasoning

  7. Cowards only insult folks theyre not scared of. Go see if Rogan ever called Mike Tyson a son of a bitch, or bitch, or anything insulting like that. He's scared to death of anyone that he views as equal or stronger. Always tough-adjacent…..never tough himself

  8. "You think you should allow lgbt people to exist and fight drugs as a medical issue?
    As someone who loves freedom, i want to keep my right to harass lgbt children and to give cops the right to discriminate against black communities."

  9. Like how Joe Rogan hears all these lunatics spread white supremacist propaganda and conspiracy theories and he just sits there like "oh that's so interesting" but the moment someone offers the mildest criticism of weed (probably DMT too) he loses it.

  10. Kinda stupid that you did this the clip is half a decade old. How far back can the right go demokkkrats, stalins support of hitler. The british labour movement and their involvement with pedo advocacy groups… mmmmmmhhhh 🤔

  11. we legalized in montana and our state killed the capitalist industry with taxes and chrony capitalist regulations. none of us are super pissed because people started growing as soon as it was legalized lol

  12. Why is Joe not advocating for weed legalization in Texas? I mean he loves Texas so much because he hates paying taxes and he is cannabis user yet he never talks about weed still being illegal in Texas.

  13. Joe Rogan is left leaning and is pretty damn smart in the areas of his expertise. He then pulls information from trusted sources and shares that information. I don't think he has any type of agenda with his shoes other than wanting to make friends and have a good conversation. The long–form podcast that he runs is amazing! But it can have the problem of misinformation getting out occasionally. I have not watched his show much since he went to Spotify, so things may have changed. But he has helped a lot of scholars get some truth out there. Gram Hancock, Robert Schoch, Randell Carlson, etc. People need to use their critical thinking when watching PJRE.

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