EMERGENCY #Permaculture: Are You Prepared?

Are you Prepared for What’s Coming? Permaculture is the ultimate way to prepare yourself, your family, and your community for any systemic disruptions or even …


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  1. Out with the flood control and in with keeping water on the land. They concrete wall STREAM BEDS. That was the first thing I questionened when I moved here…what kind of bs is that? No niches for fish, I guess the egrets hunted bugs I fail to see how fish worms etc. can live there. How hideous…

  2. What an important video Matt and so grateful for you and what you're doing to help us all. We have the power and have super powers actually when applying this knowledge. Little by little we become the change we wish to see and so incredibly proud of you Matt.

  3. Hi Matt. Love your work and your beautiful spirit! Two things if I may? Firstly, suggestion regarding this video… to a non-permie, the first section may sound like it's all too much to achieve when they are looking for an 'emergency a.k.a urgent answer to what's coming, especially if they don't own land and may switch off. Can I suggest your personal story precede the other information as it is a fabulous testimony for people who are facing a bleak future without jobs due to mandates. Just a suggestion. Secondly, ye course looks amazing!! I have a PDC through Geoff's online course, so is your course broken into sections for the advanced content, or would I be starting from scratch? Thanks so much and I wish you humungous success with it all. Cheers from a fellow ex-muso!

  4. Thank you for this beautiful video that comes from a place of calmness. Three years into permaculture. Just wanted to add a new observation that just happened. I use herbs to manage inflammation for my under active thyroid via smoothies in the morning. I just noticed the same effect after harvesting large amounts of those herbs in the evening. Ears and sinuses clearing up. Sorry tmi but just handling large amounts of the herbs had a beneficial effect, just wondering if they give off a positive gas? when cut or just in nature. Just an observation that I have not heard about.

  5. I've been following a youtuber that has talked about this for 5+ years & how to prepare for it. He does permaculture, but recently started calling it that. Think & grow for the future, it's never too late to start..

  6. What an excellent presentation Matt! I love how you really hit the nail on the head regarding the urgency of the regenerative calling right now. We need it desperately – we can do this!! So sweet of you to include me here ❤️💩 Thank you Matt Powers❗️

  7. Unfortunately Bloomberg Forbes and NPR are all part of the problem an echo chamber meant to create chaos and perpetuate fear. I do believe there will be shortages and inflation but its by government design and the talking heads know it. The elite will continue to want for nothing. You are right we have to be responsible for ourselves. Lets stop supporting our oppressors

  8. Great video Matt.

    Turmeric is one of the most powerful crops in our garden for enabling us to be able to make nourishing food that is also powerful medicine. I find that using a basic lacto-fermentation method to preserve the rhizomes amplifies the medicinal properties of the curcumin and makes the turmeric most versatile in the kitchen (flavor-wise). My most recent project is making turmeric, holy basil, ginkgo extract, yerba mate extract and ginger infused gummy bears which also contain a full spectrum of non-psychoactive cannabinoids (THC-a, CBD-a, CBG, CBD, terpenes etc). They will be nutrient dense anti-inflammatory, nootropic, neuroprotective, cardioprotective and apoptogenic snacks.

    Ya man Mint! You know I just got done doing some extensive research into the medicinal properties of Mint (and it's cousins). I was formulating what I wanted to put into a topical salve I was designing and looking at the ingredients of the leading topical analgesic creams and came across multiple products (such as "Biofreeze") that used Menthol (extracted from mint) to create a localized analgesic effect via initiating an interesting reaction in the nervous system relating to cold receptors. I also included lemon balm and tulsi in the salve. (more on that salve here: https://bit.ly/3okhrMU).

    Cannabis has immense medicinal value and also it is incredibly powerful when viewed as a superfood. I like to incorporate fresh cannabis in my daily diet in the same way one would use kale or spinach. Raw cannabis is often over looked when it comes to its application for medicine (and food!). I have also been working on doing some selective breeding for increasing cold hardiness, emphasizing certain terpene profiles and increasing disease resistance and have seen some great progress this year. My third gen plants are now able to withstand minus 2 as seedlings (being frozen solid) and they keep on growing. Been experimenting with companion planting too. In our garden, snap peas, clover, dill, tulsi and cilantro are great companions for cannabis. Heirloom bush beans work well too. Since I have been growing plants for breeding I decided to stack functions and use the seed filled flowers as not only a precious source of adapted locally attuned genetics for the next generation but also given the plants produce such an abundance of seeds we are also using them as a source or protein and essential fatty acids. Cannabis seeds have all the same nutrition as hemp seeds, so I add mature seed filled flowers to smoothies and then dry some and powderize them for adding later. I also recently extracted the goodness from the seeds (same benefits that are offered by hemp oil) for adding to the topical salve I linked above. In other words Cannabis provides many opportunities for stacking functions in the medicine cabinet and the food pantry.

    Keep up the great work my friend!

  9. Look into The Root Cause Protocol. Bio-copper is CRUCIAL, but depleted from from both the food supply and the collective consciousness. Those who call themselves "blue bloods" understand its critical importance, though! Magnesium is CRITICAL, too, especially from green leafy vegetables.
    The Big Bad Antagonist is iron in the form of filings added into the food supply beginning 8n 1941 — primarily in processed foods, and concentrated in flour. Extra credit for learning Zone Diet anti-inflammatory principles and listening to Rhonda Patrick explain the power of broccoli sprouts.

  10. As a substitute teacher I've been talking to kids about conservation and pollution (not part of lesson plans!!). May not sink in right away but hopefully one day they'll remember and understand. Also telling them to ask parents to plant fruits and vegetables, or house plants for those in apartments. We move forward without depending on government or corporations…….

  11. Love your knowledge
    Thanks for sharing
    You encourage me to do good in life.
    I appreciate you sharing these videos.
    I am learning a lot from them.

  12. Great presentation. You are a shining light buddy! I took my pdc with Bill and Geoff 12 years ago in Aus. I've done permaculture on four continents including establishing a farm in Africa. You see things for what they are. Self reliance and independence is everything, while the powers that shouldn't be continually push us in the other direction. Keep on trucking brother and best of success!

  13. Love you man …thanks to the good people in the permaculture world like your self I'm ready hugal beds are slowly filling up with very very little work …my other garden beds are full of good soil ready go and I'm a member of two groups that are all about helping and learning ….Mat man …I've got no worries about what's to come because I was lucky enough to come across permaculture design some years ago now and along with permaculture came the best teachers I've ever met …
    Your worth your weight in diamond's on a bad day and a good day your priceless ….
    Thank you ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️

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