Do Retinoids Thin the Skin? #shorts

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  1. I have heard people say that starting to use such a powerful compound as retinoids in your 20s and 30s with the intention of using them for the rest of your life (so perhaps half a century or more of use) is not OK as from looking at the scientific literature there are no long term studies whatsoever (a year is about the longest) so there is sufficient safety data for something that so dramatically changes the skin function. What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Dr Dray Many people with Tinnitus wonder if using topical retinols such as Retin A or Adapalene pose a potential risk of making our tinnitus symptoms worse (intrusiveness/volume increase), or have any potential for ottotoxicity? I have spent some hours reseraching online, but I am not really qualified and can't a conclusive answer. I have been going off of anecdotal evidence which is largely 50/50 split down the middle in experiences. I'd love to have super glowy skin and I just wana use adapalene LOL. If anyone else reading this knows feel free to reply.

  3. Dr Dray! Can you do a review of the Olay vitamin C + peptide 24 moisturizer with spf 30? I just picked it up at target because I’m traveling and was like hmm? 🤔 I can take this on the plane instead of all my separate morning vit C serum, sunscreen and moisturizer! Would love thoughts 🙂

  4. Are retinoids linked to depression? I have seen a video claiming this to be true and I’m curious if that’s why I’ve been in a funk since using last year 😩 But with this crazy world it’s hard to properly decipher the culprit.

  5. Your channel is absolutely amazing! Do you have a video that talks about the maintenance use of tretinoin? I could not find any published studies on maintenance based on the strength and frequency of this prescription for acne and wrinkles. I would love to save myself a night or two of this routine while also being economical with this Rx. Thx!

  6. What about accutane? I was wondering if i should use it for mild acne, hyperpigmentation and ice pick scars that are not very deep (more like an enlarged pore, maybe a bit bigger thatn that). Also can it help to remove or shrink smaller keloids. I am aware of side effects, but at this point I don't really have the buget for many different products for different purpouses. And can accutane age the skin faster, because it reduces the amount of oil that your skin produces. And I've heard that acne prone, and oily skin types tend to age better.

  7. Is it normal for Tretinoin to cause flaking/peeling for… months? I’ve been using Tretinoin .05% since March of 2020. I was doing completely fine with it every other night until I decided to up my frequency to nightly. I’ve been doing that since June of this year. I knew it would likely cause irritation (which it did), but my flaking and peeling has yet to subside – and everyone says it normally takes about 6-8 weeks for the skin to stabilize. Is this normal? Should I cut back? I feel like I’m ruining my skin 😥

  8. But isn’t one of the reasons it’s so important to be extra vigilant about sunscreen during retinoid use is that the top layer that gives some sun protection thinned?

  9. Hey! Can you please try clear Pualas choice cleanser I beg you you gonna love it it’s .5% SA and all other good stuff it’s like 13 dollars or 3 dollars for 1oz

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