Judge Judy Episode 945 Best Amazing Cases Season 2021


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  1. Love JJ, but she has candy in her mouth, and it sounds annoying. I'm surprised she would even do that & expect it not to pick up on the mic. ALSO! Go to ImdB TV to watch her in her new show! It's great!

  2. Take the sad for the child's sake but I hope when he grows up he marries a woman just like the defendant and the defendants going to be the first person fighting it and I am going to love the karma

  3. What a sicko! Hes meeting someone while hes still married. Thats disgusting! Are you serious?? Dude?? I would never. Idc how many issues i may have with the one i care for i would never cheat on him. End of story! Rediculous! He could ask his wife to bail him out

  4. Can’t believe JJ let that little boy remain in the courtroom so long listening to the 2 litigants went on and on about the issues concerning him. Finally getting him out, his little face said a million words

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