DPH – The real life horror drug

What is DPH / Diphenhydramine? In this video I go over some information surrounding the scary drug found in allergy medication, that is commonly associated …


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  1. A few weeks ago, i was looking to get high, and i stole like two packs of benadryl from a gas station next to my house. Went home and took 900mg of it and started tripping the fuck out. I saw spiders, EVERYWHERE. Crawling on me, On my walls, Flying in my face, all over my ceiling. I heard so much shit that wasnt there, and i saw shit that wasnt there too. A few hours after i took it, i was laying in my bed, and i saw something walk into my room. Thought it was my mom doing laundry, got up to talk to her and nobody was there. Shits fucked. Please never EVER try it.

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