Cancel Culture: Clarity for Christians

What is cancel culture? Why is it such a big issue today? How can Christians uniquely respond with grace and truth? This video is a sermon I recently gave at …


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  1. I appreciate this post. It was enlightening and engaging; however, I disagree with some of the points you make. There are many things I agree with you. Canceling people or being canceled isn't fun, and Jesus and his disciples were canceled sometimes. What I disagreed with is that sometimes no matter how polite or how much one listens, one cannot control how a person responds. Some people are angry because they are angry. We live in a fallen world. Sometimes saying the unpopular thing is the right thing to do, and other times, it’s not appropriate to do. It’s complicated, but I know that truth at times is truth, and it is like pouring salt on an open wound. The other person will respond how they want to. The gospel to some is
    “an aroma that brings death; to the other, an aroma that brings life. “ we just trust and pray that the Lord will help them understand through the process.

  2. Ok I get this cancel culture talk because of people feeling silenced, but let’s remember who started things not too long ago with Caepernick. Doesn’t feel good when it comes back on you does it? And then liberals are called snowflakes every 3.4 seconds….. oh but then the shit show at the capital. Lines are blurred folks. Lines are blurred.

  3. I have believed for many years that Christians have done more to perpetuate the causes they are against than the actual people in the cause.

    Christians have been rejecting culture for years.

  4. The New Testament contains several verses of scripture which says ; the opposite of LOVE is FEAR.

    Also, some of the most powerful, and enlightening versus of Scripture about HOW to TRULY LOVE = I are “The Love Chapters”, in second Corinthians, (which brings me to tears, EVERY TIME I read them.

    The Pastor read aloud these beautiful versus on my wedding day, and it wouldn’t have been as special without them.

  5. I like the general theme and examples ….. on the other hand, I have to say that main stream evangelical Christians are also really good at perpetuating their own cancel culture on other sincere followers of Christ by trying to redefine them as un Christian. Even though the person themself has had personal spiritual rebirth deciding to follow Christ and lives daily trying to followJesus Christ. ( for example members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) I know it will be said that you follow a different Jesus than we do, I disagree although there are different details and definitions the sincere connection and conviction to God is the same or in many instances more. So how is it ok to cancel this group, and try to remove the label of Christian they willingly choose. Just because evangelicals are part of a historical majority that gives no actual authority. I just think it’s important to take this into account when discussing cancel culture in general.

  6. Before rampant cc ..I had the boyfriend of my homosexual brother in law very nastily go behind my back to complain to my mother at my daughter's birthday party ..that "they" had been "not thanked!" (we were running out of time at the party venue ..I was crazy busy facilitating everything,… We were carefully making note of the gifts to organize to send thank you cards..but only saying general "thank you"s as each gift was opened to share).

    After my mom told me he had scolded her..that she should tell me to not be so rude ..
    I was flabbergasted. But out of polite family obligation ..I called to let him know I'd heard he had felt uncomfortable…

    He was so very pretentious. Not humble at all. Not apologetic for hiS rudeness towards my mom …..he didn't thank me for my concern to call him … He ended telling me I should not "shun" …'anyone!' "

    After that so puzzled me. Obviously I had not "shunned" them. I specifically included inviting them, and treated them no differently than anyone else.

    Not to mention that I absolutely disagree with the concept of "not shunning anyone".

    There are many people it is absolutely right and wise to "shun" … criminals, pedophiles who seek to prey on my kids, liars … Etc.

    Ultimately it left me feeling very violated…and disgusted at his behavior.

    Eventually I realized what was distasteful yo me was his prideful "entitlement" self focus.
    That is the aspect of counter culture that is truly evil. The prideful "betterness" attitude that was first described in Satan when he rebelled against God's Authority.

    That. Is what is spreading faster and faster in current culture.

    Keep close to God. Keep in prayer for all these things.

    Please pray for me?
    And for my now very prodigal daughter.
    My husband left our marriage not long after that birthday party. He'd been having an affair..that I would not learn about until months after he left me. My daughter was close to the Lord ..untill she suddenly went towards the world and pleasing her worldly father instead of her Heavenly One.

    Let's just all remember to keep each other in Prayer.

  7. This is a thoughtful message. The problem is when the very powerful cancel out those who don't agree with them, and it becomes a matter of standing up for the rights of those who come behind us. Yes love is always the right way, but I'm sorry to say the issue is more complex than what he's stating here.

  8. Sean has a true gift for speaking on issues like this, and for bringing opposing sides together. I really enjoyed this from start to finish. There are no easy answers, but I think we would all do well to listen to some of the points Sean made, and listen to each other more (and drop the Smart phone from time to time!)

  9. ironic .. cancel culture is enforced by those who believe they are right….the most dangerous of people. People of God are the opposite, as we know we are not right with God , but God is always right. Cancel culture feels like the beginning of a totalitarianism

  10. This was such a good message. I love your heart for people. I often have to remind myself when my flesh rears its head (I too have erased my social media responses) that our fight is not agains flesh and blood. I end up in prayer for those broken hearted people responding out of anger, sending the unjust anger back on the non-human senders 7-fold that they would know Jesus is Lord.

  11. At around 7:30 you say it’s not good to become the canceler and that would have been a good time to point out the (often Christian) people harassing and threatening school boards and medical professionals over “CRT” or covid prevention strategies.

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