Who LIVES the Longest & How Vegans Fail!

This brief segment from Dr. Fuhrman’s Longevity Lectures exposes how vegans may be failing, who lives the longest and what foods help. This is a segment …


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  1. It is fascinating to listen to this very focused and nuanced info AND REMEMBER TO GET YOUR FAT FROM nuts ans seeds because it sucks the neg fats out of your body

  2. Two thirds of our brain is fat, 20% of our brain is cholesterol and neither came from green vegetables. We've survived on meat for millions of years and it's done us no harm yet. We're being lied to by this man.

  3. I would say that bread or a vegan bagel is far less dangerous in the long term than chicken. On the other hand, a diet with up to 20% of calories from fat is yet a low fat diet by official standards. Too much fat, even from nuts is detrimental for health as well.

  4. THANK YOU 🙏🏻 How vegans FAIL is essential to know and understand because I’m ONE of those who slipped into eating meatballs, lamb, and sushi. Awareness of what to expect in terms of OBSTACLES and TEMPTATIONS and MOCKING from people. I’m enjoying this channel so much: it covers EVERYTHING needed to go WFPB

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