Pick your inflation hedge: ETFs investors are buying for protection

James Davolos, vice president and portfolio manager at Horizon Kinetics, Anna Paglia, head of ETFs and indexed strategies at Invesco, and Dave Nadig, chief …


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  1. If enough people pile into inflation hedges, that can slow inflation. When you buy an option that protects you against inflation, you are sending a market signal and acting as a counterweight. And the rate moves a tiny bit in response to the purchase.

    So when people whine about one or another fiscal decision by the government, they should be asked, are they buying an option in response? If market members are incentivized to restore the balance, are things REALLY as bad as people say?

    Of course, the Fed is buying bonds and it is expensive to bet against that, but they are doing that because of their full-employment mandate. If you don't like that, get the mandate reversed. When the party that wanted that reversed had FULL control, of the legislature and the executive, THEY DID NOT DO IT.

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