On the Trail of the Nephilim- Episode 37

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  1. Not all Giant remains found are nephilim. The ancient hebrew scriptures recount that the 1st generations of men & women from adam even unto Noah were bigger than us. Much bigger by many feet. Many of these artifacts & remains are simply from 1st generational ppl.

  2. Mr marzulli, that term 'nephilim' is NOT IN GOD'S WORD, so you'll be on the trail for a looooooong time!

    The term that the REAL BIBLE USES is 'giant', not nephilim but GIANT!

    You've been preaching and collecting profit….from this false doctrine for yeeeeeears!

  3. I was watching a episode on history on yt last night speaking about this. This man showed the evidence to fdr in 1920s and the science and research team tried to destroy the guy but he went and looked for more. The smithsonians are Antichrist agenda because they don’t want anyone knowing about these things. It’ll destroy their lies about evolution.

  4. National Geographic ran an article with a giant mongal warrior on their front cover in the 60-70s and never ran it again or acknowledge it. He was over 8 feet tall. Black and white photo you can probably find it somewhere

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  6. The Bible Tess us their were giants in those days and after the words of God never lie. They cover it up because its part of the big lie the deception the alien lie these are fallen angles that throughout history between the fallen angles and their offspring the giants were the sncheint rulers of this world they taught mankind worship if false gods and false religions. Praise The Lamb

  7. I wonder why in the Springfield, MO, April 7 article at 6:35 on the video, they only give the length from the top of the leg to the ankles (8 ft for that portion of the body) & that the skull fits over a man's head like a helmet? They say the feet are missing but not the body from the top of the leg up, which is what it sounds like to me. But taking just the leg measurement & having the head/skull too to get dimensions, they should have been able to estimate that giant's total height. It sounds like it would be at least 16 ft.

  8. There's a bunch of huge mounds all over Wasaga Beach Ontario, and im thinking theres giants under them, they make no sense where they are and haven't been built over in 100 years. They built the town around them instead.

  9. Remember when you were working with Dr Lear taking that piece of metal out of someone's arm? Well how does that metal compare to the graphene oxide in the jab? Have you seen the videos on rumble about the round so-called eggs all attaching themselves together as though magnetized.? Sure reminded me of that video. Fallen angel technology. Stew Peters if you read this comment. Woman named Dr. Botha

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