“Maybe Mr. Fontes Will Get Perp-Walked, Who Knows?” (VIDEO)

The Arizona 2020 election audit revealed elections law was violated in multiple ways, hundreds of thousands of ballot discrepancies, and a concerning lack of transparency on elections protocols.

The 2020 election was stolen in Arizona and everybody knows it.

AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers: “Arizona’s 2020 Forensic Election Senate Audit, What You Haven’t Heard, And Much, Much More!”

All evidence of voter fraud has been delivered to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and he has opened a formal criminal investigation.

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The Gateway Pundit reported that investigators from Attorney General Brnovich’s office recently questioned former Maricopa County Recorder, Adrian Fontes.

AUDIO: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s Election Integrity Investigators Interrogate Former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes


Brnovich received this evidence of voter fraud and elections law violations two months ago, today, and we still have seen no results.

President Trump released a statement yesterday asking when we will see something come out of this investigation.

BREAKING – PRESIDENT TRUMP: “What Ever Happened To The RIGGED And STOLEN Arizona Presidential Election, When Will The Legislature Vote To Decertify?”

The people of Arizona are sick and tired of waiting for the truth.

TGP correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli yesterday for more on the Arizona audit.

Conradson: Former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes was recently interrogated by one of the investigators with the AG’s office. The Fake News, MSNBC obtained a copy of this recording. How do you think that happened?

Borrelli: Oh, obviously, that recording was not released by an investigator because they don’t do that. So obviously, Mr. Fontes, who is an attorney, made sure that he recorded it himself. You know, I’m sure he’s going to do that, as any smart attorney would make sure that he’s got a copy of an interrogation or questioning if you will. So obviously, to me, it seems like Mr. Fontes wanted to release that to fake news media and what I call the shame stream media. And so that way, they can actually create their own spin and narrative before the investigation is completed. And the whole thing was pretty laughable. But I’m hearing some people that you would consider on our side think that the investigator is incompetent by the line of questioning he did. That was you know, interrogation 101. Obviously, Mr. Fontes or somebody in his camp. released that because I don’t believe the Attorney General’s investigators will be releasing anything to the press prior to the conclusion of a criminal investigation. Law enforcement doesn’t do that.

Conradson: So did the leaked tapes reveal that officials in Arizona knew the audit was “a sham”, as MSNBC reports?

Borrelli: I don’t think so. When you lead into an investigation like that and you’re questioning somebody, you want to gain the confidence of the person you’re questioning. And you want to act a little nonchalant, like “Hey, bro, I got thrust into this. Hey, you know, I think this is BS, what do you think about it?” It’s to try to elicit a response. Trained investigators do not ask questions if they don’t already know the answer to the question they’re asking. So this way, you know how to catch the person that you’re interrogating in a lie. Law enforcement, they’re professionals at this. Mr. Fontes is smart. He’s an attorney. He knows how the game is played and naturally, he’s going to play his game too, and obviously, that’s exactly what he did. So, and that’s part of the Democrats’ MO anyway, the D, deny, distort, distract. They’re never going to give up the con.

Conradson: That’s right. So are you expecting arrests anytime soon?

Borrelli: I would like, everybody would like to see this wrapped up as quickly as possible. I really don’t know honestly, I don’t have the inside track. They’re keeping their cards close to the vest as they should. There should be no leaks in an investigation. I mean, look, we’ve identified certain individuals who have deleted stuff and other things. And I know that’s going to be fixed, being thoroughly investigated and if they confirm and concur that their laws were broken, and which laws were broken, then they can actually get a warrant for arrests and just go from there and indict some people. And then hopefully those people will flip on their bosses who told them to do things and. And who knows maybe Mr. Fontes will get perp-walked, who knows? He was the Recorder when this was all set in motion.

Conradson: Are there any updates on the router and Splunk log analysis?

Borrelli: Good question. Yes, there is being updates on that. The Special Master has been hired, the County’s paying for that. Our forensic team people are asking specific things. The County’s concerns are that they do not release any information, data from the sheriff’s office, the health department, or the personnel department. That’s what their concern is. So that special master is going to make sure that any data that’s downloaded off the routers does not affect the sheriff’s office or the personnel department. And now if they balk at that and they start reneging on the agreement, the agreement is off the table and it’s back to game on. You know and the Attorney General will most likely step up to that, once again to that obstructionism. He can go a lot further too. He’ll start seizing things.

The mainstream media continues to lie and attempt to discredit the investigation because they know what auditors really found and they’re still fighting to cover it up.

The router analysis is still in the preliminary stages of planning and logistics but Attorney General Brnovich already has enough proof to issue arrests and seize the evidence to see what happened for himself.

Attorney General Brnovich needs to follow through on this investigation and the Arizona legislature needs to reconvene to decertify the 2020 election.

Contact Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and demand a special session to decertify the fraudulent 2020 election, and contact Attorney General Mark Brnovich to demand law and order.

Doug Ducey: (602) 542-4331


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