Man Gets Caught With Drugs | Bondi Rescue – Season 3 Episode 5 (OFFICIAL UPLOAD)

A suspicious syringe is found in the sand. Lifeguards call the cops… SUBSCRIBE – WATCH the latest seasons …


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  1. I honestly don’t think the drugs were the dudes! Why would he say go ahead and search his stuff! And the the other dude say he owes him a hundred dollars Dude was dealer and ditched his shit in dudes clothing and since it was confiscated he wants money 🤣

  2. Every time I see a nice father son relationship like bros I want a kid but I’m still too young to think straight haha. I’m 23 and I have enough time to have one lol. The last kid was cute with Maxi.

  3. I have a memory of me and my twin brother at 5 years old ! (I don’t understand how i remember like a clear picture its crazy) to him running out of the beach alone and on the sidewalk in vacation, because he mistaken a stranger to our dad and got lost. We found it quick but it was scary and it could have end so bad

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