Antifa Is a One Note Sally and Its Message is Wearing Thin

Antifa is losing its punch and becoming more desperate and deranged. What I find most interesting is that they are espousing the same crap regardless of where they are in the world. Take a look at the following video. If I did not tell you it was Australia you might suspect this was taking place in Portland or Los Angeles.

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Just like here, the Aussie Antifa crazies holler fascist and racist. They are 99% white and are acting like Hitler’s Brownshirt bully boys in trying to intimidate anyone with an alternative thought. If you took the time to watch the Avi Yemini video you saw pasty faced Caucasians screaming curses and insults at dark skinned freedom protestors.

The Aussie police, unfortunately, are just as feckless as the police in liberal U.S. cities who generally refuse to confront the black clad hooligans. Reporter Avi Yemini was repeatedly assaulted yet the Aussie police did nothing to arrest those engaged in battery against a journalist. We have seen the same thing here.

While the news is depressing, there are growing signs that freedom loving people around the world are sick of these juvenile gangsters. Their endless bellowing of racism is now falling on deaf ears. Radical white criminals are losing whatever credibility they might have had in trying to paint black and brown freedom lovers as racists. Here we have strong voices like Candace Owens, Herschel Walker, Ben Carson, Larry Elder and even Leo Terrell pushing back against this nonsense. We must commit to fighting to uphold principles without regard to the color of a person’s skin. It is conduct that matters.

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