Researchers find link between cannabis & heart attacks


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  1. You already know it's the Democrat.. they lose there big business there goes the cotton industry no more chopping down trees no more digging to the Earth for oil… gas prices will be at the all-time lowest if marijuana was fully legalized whenever you hear the news putting down something good they're being controlled

  2. Less than or equal to 1% of users…🤔 so 1% or less of users have other risk factors because 99% of users DO NOT have any such condition, you manipulative piece of sh't liars! Duh doy
    This is not science, this is a blatant lie presented in the form of misconstrued data..

  3. This is a load of bullsh't and misinformation to support anti-marijuana propaganda. The so-called "research" did not take into account other factors such as other drug use, alcohol use, tobacco use, medications, diet, work environment history/exposures, or anything else that are verifiably known to increase risk of heart attack.
    It is like claiming people who drink tea are high risk of getting obese simply due to the research sample of people in the study were overweight & drank tea regularly..BUT ALSO ate fast food regularly but they omit that information
    /data from the study.. 🙄

    …F%^@ing LIARS

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