Virginia Cop Wants His Job Back After He was Doxxed and Fired for Donating to the Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund

Last year after the fatal shootings at the Kenosha riots the leftist media went to work acting like a fascist hit squad.

That’s all about to change.

In April, 2021 news broke that the far-left group Distributed Denial of Secrets leaked private details of several donors who gave money to Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teenager accused of killing two protesters in Wisconsin when he was brutally attacked during riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The group DDoSecrets outed the donors who attempted to conceal their identities using an anonymous feature on GiveSendGo, a Christian crowdfunding website, following a data breach, The Guardian reported.

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The Guardian outed and published the names of several public officials, emergency workers and police officers who donated anonymously to the Rittenhouse defense fund.

Some donors were associated with email addresses traced to police and public work emails.

The Guardian felt this was important to dox the officials for donating to a 17-year-old’s defense fund.

One reporter Jason Nguyen stalked a local paramedic in Utah at his home who anonymously gave to the Rittenhouse defense fund.

Virginia police officer William “Bill” Kelly was fired after he was doxxed for donating to the Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Fund.

Now, after yesterday’s ruling, he wants his job back.

Daily Mail reported:

A Virginia cop who was fired for anonymously donating $25 to a Kyle Rittenhouse defense fund after being outed by hackers and the media is now demanding his job back from the woke, ‘hypocrite’ police chief who fired him.

Speaking to on Friday, as the Rittenhouse verdict came in on Friday, Norfolk Police Lieutenant William ‘Bill’ Kelly explained why he thought Rittenhouse deserved his help back then, and why he stands by the decision now.

Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all counts on Friday after a two week trial. He buckled in tears as the verdict was read aloud and is now a free man.

Seven months ago, long before the trial had even started, 42-year-old Kelly was fired for donating anonymously to the teenager’s then-growing defense fund.

Kelly, a 19-year veteran and father-of-three who had moved into the internal affairs division at the time, made a $25 donation to a Give Send Go online campaign for Rittenhouse’s legal team after watching social media videos and journalists’ footage from the August 2020 Kenosha riots.

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