Kali Muscle Heart Attack | A Nutritionist's Advice

46-year-old bodybuilder Kali Muscle recently succumbed to his first heart attack. Not surprising, of course, given the amount of animal foods he would put away!


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  1. Unfortunately Ive had to take care of relatives for over 20 years with different ailments….universally…every doctor recommended diet told them to eliminate beef, cheese, friend foods and dairy. I'm guessing Kali recieved no such guidance for patients post heart attack but he needs to adopt to plant based ASAP. That beef and eggs bowl is a no go.

  2. I am confused, my doctor always suggests me to drink juice in the morning to get a bit of sugar in cause i usually feel dizzy in the morning (i always buy the unsweetened version), my dad also bought a juicer as a way to get healthier and never adds sugar in it since fruits have sugar already and we add vegetables in it too and for me a glass of juice is quite filling tbh. Is it that bad? or is it just the added sugar that makes it bad? I even heard that apple juice has different affects on your body than OJ.

    also about olive oil, my parents are Greeks and whenever we go to visit relatives there, we get organic olive oil right from a huge canister. My uncle has connections to a farm that makes them. Greeks take a lot of pride when it comes to "good quality" olive oil and even differ olive oil from color, taste and smell. We have like to two different types of olive oil, one used to cook (tbh i never cook with oil) and one to put on salads which I like to do since some vegetables such as carrots nutrition are better absorbed with fat. I also heard that olive oil has a lot of vitamin E and is healthy if used cold (not for cooking) and sparingly since it is high in calories. Any thoughts on that?

  3. I see veganism as a "Leave the animals the fuck alone culture" and not just a whole foods or a friends not food culture. Don't wear them, don't companion them, don't use them for entertainment, food, viviculture etc..

  4. Bodybuilders eat meat but they eat much more carbs in comparison. This vlogger is cherry picking. The biggest problem with Bodybuilders is actually the amount of calories they eat. 5000 to 20000 calories is common. With that amount, you would get problems even without eating meat.

  5. I just watched Greg Doucette’s critique of Kali Muscle’s new diet. It is amazing how different opinions can vary from one professional to another. I’ve been vegan for 2 years and i cringed at the foods that were purchased in this video and confused as to how Doucette thinks half the foods shown were “healthy”. I thought about buying his meatless cookbook until i saw that particular video and thought, WTF?. Thanks Paul for your content and keep up the good work.

  6. 5 eggs = 10 Burger King Woppers.
    Happy Eggs your joking 🙃 thats called labeling. He has no clue how to eat. Dam
    Give me big muscles or give me the cemetery. Heart healthy oils where show me, the stuff clogges you arteries faster the a speeding avocado, down hill in a hurricane.🌀Chicken OMG grass feed Cow do you want to be shot or hung. Pick out your plot. You may need two your a big guy.

  7. I'll forward this youtube video on youtube channel comment section to increase awareness not only about this video but also to your channel, I admire your work. We can just all hope that he get's better overtime.

  8. That meal at the end is white rice, eggs and beef with a hint of veggies. And I bet it's still so different to what his friends/past self would eat, that even this "healthy" Omni diet won't stick, he'll go back to his old habits.

  9. The problem with WFPB is that it's so wildly disconnected from what his friends and family are eating, and to what he's use to eating. It's like someone who started smoking as soon as they were born, and everyone they know smokes…how can you possibly get them to quit? I see the issue in my own parents, they literally can't imagine how I eat.

  10. 9:10 I was told to limit my consumption of eggs years ago by my doctor. I'm vegan now and have been since 2018. If l continued eating animal products like I used to I'd be in his position. This man needs the guidance of a registered dietician or nutritionist immediately.

  11. It's great that you keep addressing these. Even if one of the people sees it, it could help them. Nice one. "One artery was clogged completely". imagine if that artery was the one going to his brain… He would have been a vegetable at most. All this "Bro culture" and pure nonsense of misinformation needs to end. The ones continuing to put artery clogging filth in their bodies need to drop the ego and take care of themselves. That wretched industry which rapes and mutilates animals does NOT give a shit if the ones buying their products died before the day was up. Oh, no, they would care actually, because they wouldn't get that person's money anymore. But that is it, the only reason why 🤨🤢🤮

  12. From what I understand when you have a heart attack it damageds your heart from scaring I think? will a hole food plant based diet repair the damage that was caused or does it prevent you from having another heart attack? Great video paul

  13. "Olive Oil is the healthy fat".. not when you've also got nuts, olives, chicken, meat, eggs, peanut butter, bark thins, ugg. The fat in that shopping cart is crazy. It's so unbelievable how little people know about nutrition

  14. So sad. It's mind blowing to live amongst the must inelegant spicies on the planet, yet so much misinformation is knowingly spread and all for the sake of profit- an imaginary substance. The future will look back at this time frame and call it the age of confusion.

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