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  1. They should improve our public services such as education, health care, and security. They should also have a department in the public sector to control transportation and even implement one for prisoner rehabilitation and mental health.

  2. Public comments. Sea defense and stop pollution and flairing by setting standards and laws in place . Road safety awareness and more high fines and jail time for offenders and drugs abuse hotline and domestic violence hotline and trafficking hotline and crime hot line . Set up network and drones to monitor everything. Including prisons . Audit Exxon Mobil must be done now no exception. Screening everyone and do temperature test and oxygen level test before entering Guyana especially airports and Brazilian border and venuzela border screening is vital for transparency and accountability and safety for all Guyanese people are special force now to control crime situation now . Stamp out currupion practice by information and in force the laws now . Protect Guyana interest and resources now.

  3. The government systems in place so the average person can get a job we do not have to leave to get work in another country in recognizing that's all the human results of the country the spreading through out the world looking for job

  4. Mr Jagdeo excuse May be flimsy and Mr Ram reply is on point.
    However this incident reveals the weakness of the Guyanese authority.
    ( who is the Guyanese people not the Government )
    Imagine you own a store and elect a manager to manage.
    Then for 22 years you never check to see how much Money making , spending , new connections , product quality etc.
    Then one day you received an outstanding bill of 1,000,000 usd for another business to use part of your store to test their business model for the last 20 years…..
    How would you feel ?
    What would you do ?
    Why would you do this ?

  5. Exxon is making Money on Guyana inability to Audit, So how the hell we gonna make money on the oil revenues?? What Clowns we have supposedly running the country? It's such a Joke , you can't make it up! Come on, let the Circus be Over!!

  6. They should invest by making/putting things in the military that will benefit the youths so it will encourage them to join
    The government was saying they needed more soilders in the army and we will need alot of soilders to defend from Venezuela if they ever invade

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