Joe Rogan HUMILATES Steven Crowder In Marijuana Debate

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  1. I like seeing the dichotomy between the left and right. The left places their views based on feelings and personal opinion which is completely opposite of the right. THEY base their views in fact. But, sometimes there are facts that they conveniently disregard (like this debate) in order to justify their own personal opinion. Um, look at the facts why do you ignore the facts?
    Many will do this to advance a specific misinformed narrative.
    You gotta find the facts ultimately before you form an opinion.
    No matter what side of the political spectrum you are on there are truths found in both sides. Seek out facts above opinion. Just know that facts do change.

  2. I love how Joe Rogan often keels over to the views of his guest, like when Bernie is around and hes complaining about the mega rich and why we need healthcare hes nodding and agreeing just as much as when Tim Pool is there telling him how Socialists are a bunch of entitled manbabies who just need to work more hard. But if you ever go against him on drugs he dosent hold back one bit and goes full MMA

  3. Without medical marijuana I wouldn't be able to eat, literally. I have feeding tubes from having severely slow digestion & it causes chronic vomiting & nausea. MMJ helps me survive on food instead of using my tubes.

  4. I think Trump might actually not drink or do drugs, it seems like he just goes all in on McDonald’s.

    Also, Rogan does so well here. He wins the debate and then explains why Crowder is a brainwashed ideologue to his face.

  5. The thing Steven is getting wrong about the "patented chemicals" or whatever is the SYNTHETIC versions of it. Like Marinol. This does not mean the drug company who owns the rights to Marinol has any control or cut from marijuana sales or anything, just that they down the rights to the synthetic lab made version of the chemical compound that makes it up. And over all they will probably have sales go down if marijuana is legalized since the drug Marinol is EXTREMELY expensive and not covered very often by insurance companies. So if you want the same effect and can smoke pot many people will.

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