New Proposed Regulations for Michigan's Cannabis Industry

Principal Attorney Barton Morris and Associate Attorney Christopher Ammori discuss the highlights of the MRA’s new proposed regulations for both adult-use …


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  1. the whole us government is a corrupt zio-owned system. all the politicians, news anchors, celebrities, etc. all controlled and paid by the media owners who also hire politicians to be actors on tv. the whole world is a stage, and they are just taking your freedom away one by one, with media lies.

  2. Any information about the new Caregiver restrictions they are trying to pass? "12 plants, 1 patient per Caregiver" I just heard about this….if I'm right, I do believe they would have to have a 2/3 majority to change an amendment? Do you think they have that? If indeed that's how it would work.

  3. 0:50 Rule Set History, what is a proposed rule set?
    1:40 How does the new rule set come to be? What's in it? How can you comment?
    4:20 Employees, employment exclusion.
    9:20 Class A Marijuana Microbusiness details
    14:15 Educational Research License
    17:30 Infused products/packaging.
    Gotta come back to this later.

  4. There is already a big money monopoly on cannabis in Michigan. Caregivers created the industry in this state. Now they have been pushed out for big canna Ag. All the big grows grow crap. Now they want to restrict caregivers even further. Trying to limit patient plant numbers down to 3 per patient. They already took away the ability to sell overage to kill competition with big grows. Has nothing to do with safety. None of the big grows can pass mold testing. So they did away with it.

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