Comparative Genetic Structure of Cannabis sativa

Comparative Genetic Structure of Cannabis sativa, including Federally Produced, Wild Collected, and Cultivated Samples. Dr. Anna Schwabe, PhD, Plant …


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  1. Anna is brilliant, at times she had the three other participants beaming. Love how she explained how science can help define the differences between Indica and Sativa. I think we're at the tipping point and unsure what side will fall… where traditional may shatter or an interesting hybrid will erupt from the chaos. Maybe a three part system like Energy, Chill and Mix. Hmm, the current state is a bit uncertain, but tempted to keep my toes in.

  2. NIDA is growing Boof, how does the federal govt expect competent research when they give you powdery low grade garbage to base the research on. Pretty sure they aren't doing that practice with opioids and other drug type plant's but then again who know's, if it's not something we can engineer for a weapon seems they don't funnel the big funding in that direction. Israel is the only country focused on real research for cannabis which is strange.

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