Melbourne parents are singing the praises of cannabis oil to help children doing it tough | 7NEWS

Melbourne researchers are conducting a world first cannabis oil trial on children living with developmental disorders. Parents have long claimed medicinal …


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  1. I,m sick of everything if I sold weed and got a petek Phillip watch L.V bag collection of Nike's a Lamborghini a house cash,cop comes takes everything they sell it all,I go prison,o.k. now think and listen,I get out of prison I sell again twice as much get twice as much stuff,cops catch me sell it again,but listen to this I get locked up for twice as long like 8years at say $65.000 a year who pays for it tax right who pays for the tax,YOU DO YOU PAY FOR IT U??????

  2. Im on 1 gram T18 in the morning and 1 gram T20 at night,10gram jars every 10days at $275. This is via cannatrek (best distributors) Not much difference between street prices but still could be alot cheaper. If i was to grow my own, to self medicate id be slapped with a hefty fine and possibly jail! Just decriminalize for medical purposes

  3. What makes me laugh.
    Weed been smoked for hundred of years. Government Authorities still dragging the chain making it legal.
    Yer some poison Vacation that's only had years of testing. It's ok to inject into your Arm. 🤷.
    Weed Thousand of uses, still illegal.
    Quick get Vacation of Poison. It's ok?

  4. The only reason it’s so will be expensive is because the permits are ridiculously priced.
    CBD oil helps so many people so it should be subsidised and used as a revenue raiser.

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