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23 thoughts on “FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE

  1. how is the weed go in big man

  2. I ordered a resistance band cheers for the recommendation

  3. North Easts best loved couple 😊💪👊 Fantastic people….Respect x

  4. Cock by name cock by nature

  5. Are you two fucking serious,your business was making people's lives a misery & now you're bitchin because people have an opinion on it .Trying to insist you're not a bully whilst sitting in front of a sign saying "The Taxman" is laughable & an insult to every person who's home you violated.You Brian are the very definition of a bully & what you're going through is fucking Karma .

  6. Acknowledged for eating steroids and bullying people smaller than you while off ye head on crack ?

  7. Hi I watch ure videos u and ure wife are really nice people yous are always smiling and it reflects onto ppl keep up the positive and all the best

  8. Your training tips are amazing. Great to see you both. What a great couple. Looking really well Brian and Emma is looking stunning as always.

  9. Sounding positive and looking well Brian . keep up the good work you and your lady wife Brian

  10. ♥️🙏✝️

  11. And never have doubts in your hearts just because we support sub elsewhere we come together for a reason we are all not snakes,I was in Holme House when Brian was in,and Chris,mad times,I know for a fact Brian wasn't a bully inside,more of a peace keeper,Love and Light x..

  12. Lee Lee was some boy back in the day

  13. Awwww missed the live .i wanted to say hi.
    A beautiful couple always smiling

  14. Who ever said about losing there appetite there is a supplement called MK-677 you can buy online. It releases the hunger hormone called ghrelin. I’ve used brands black mamba and TWP nutrition and both are fantastic for appetite.

  15. #decca is a Knob n just like is good mate #darrengee both 🚽's
    Anyway Respect Brian 👆💎🤝🤝

  16. Hey bry we feared you boys bk in the day lol

  17. Great pod cast , you are both great together 👍🙏❤️

  18. 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  19. Hope your getting better Bri

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