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DIY Cannabis Oil

This is just how I do it, for educational and informative purposes only. Consult a doctor or physician regarding all health issues prior to attempting to create or …


24 thoughts on “DIY Cannabis Oil

  1. What are your thoughts on if you accidentally vaporize small amounts of bud rot?

    I respect your opinion and knowledge

  2. Excellent video…

  3. Jeeezus brah I was hitting your j Merch Instagram for months I thought something happened. I must have missed the part where you were opening up a whole other channel I thought you were just gon switch it like u did last time. Hope all is good I gotta catch up now. You got a new Instagram?

  4. Great info! Can I use this method with coconut oil?

  5. Jesus used Cannabis plant in holy anointing oil I mean they didn’t smoke it or drink it but…

  6. This was one of the better ideas for this season. Think I'm gonna have to try this. Life-time supply baby!

  7. That's neat I would like to try !

  8. This is the method of consumption I’m gravitating to! I need one of those for RSO! Nice looking buds Merch!

  9. I will probably do this my outdoor autos from this year. Thanks for the vidioe that's a good idea.

  10. Great video Merch! Do you use this same method for CBD? I've never done anything with CBD and need to figure out what to do with the plant you gave me so I can make medicine for my Dad.

  11. I'm actually going to my mom's today to make some oil and some brownies with all my trim, good timing haha

  12. Wow 4 hrs lol. Talk about creeper.

  13. I'm going to give this a go✅

  14. Never thought to use olive oil, awesome video Merch!

  15. KooL stuff MERCH 😎 Have a great day Growmie ✌💨✌

  16. Hey MERCH ✌ I sent you an email lastnite.

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