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MOONWLKR JUST LAUNCHED D8 + CBD | so I tested it for you 🍇

MOONWLKR D8: **Use code CHRISSY for 10% off most orders (may not apply to limited sales.) *MY FAVE CANNA THINGS* MOOSELABS …


38 thoughts on “MOONWLKR JUST LAUNCHED D8 + CBD | so I tested it for you 🍇

  1. I’m going to put together a vid of all of my subscribers stoner brands – if you make/sell something canna-related please check out my Community Post on my channel page to drop your link!

    MOONWLKR Delta-8: **Use code CHRISSY for 10% off (excludes Stock Up Sale.)

  2. I love that you talk about NOT loving pretend play, cus literally, SAME. I am not someone who loves pretend play with my kids and it makes me feel horrible to say, but I'm glad you said that. I also LOVE and believe hardcore in chiropractic care. We should be friends.

  3. Serene tree no longer ships to Michigan, so moonwlkr it is 😅 just ordered a bunch🤪


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  5. The Delta 8 /CBD gummies are what I want to get thanks for making up my mind .

  6. ❤❤❤👋😁

  7. …hello, are yah……….so good to see yah…glowing as ever…….xxoo………..byeeeee….

  8. Long time sub and love your content.
    I have a severe panic and anxiety disorder, coupled with chronic pain left after a health issue.
    Traditional Marijuana wasn't working for me, got "too high" and I didn't want to be stuck on a bunch of pills like opiods the rest of my life.
    Now I use the Moonwlkr delta 8 vape carts on a ooze push fire battery. Two puffs and im not high, just mellow. A sense of "everything's gonna be okay" calm, peaceful but not high or couch locked unless I smoke a lot. Gummies are the same, ill take two at night and it'll help me rest and fall asleep.
    Worth every penny so if you're procrastinating, don't. You won't be sorry

  9. I'm anxious to know how you like VIIA products. I took your recommendation to try it and I would like to know how you like it. I've been using the delta 8 watermelon. n just delta 8 plus I just ordered my 2nd HHC dispo vape love these products, thank you. Please review for us all

  10. I’m looking forward to stocking up on a lot of this stuff whenever I’m able to afford it. I wish I could right now. I’m the same as you. I have ADHD pretty bad and I am on medication but usually it just feels like something I have to take everyday. I know they’re definitely helping but not in the way that CBD and THC will. I’ve been taking pain relievers ever since I was a little kid because I’ve always suffered from chronic headaches. I remember when I was a kid I would cry because of my headaches and they were so frequent. Tylenol does help, and so does caffeine, sometimes, but cannabis has been the only thing to actually help me. When I have a horrible migraine I’ll smoke a bowl and it’s so fucking healing. I also have back pain and a pretty bad neck. I also have pain in most of my other joints. I’m trying not to take painkillers unless I really really need them. I’d rather eat these gummies or smoke than eff up my body with painkillers/etc 🙁

  11. I would love to try these, they sound amazing!! And nobody be mean to Chrissy!!! lol

  12. I love how real your videos are because sometimes you can’t pronounce the name, you have to look something up, or you’re left with questions. We learn together and it’s my favorite ☺️

  13. High there! Not me showing my husband another video from my fav YouTuber! Just love your energy and vibes 💛

  14. Ordering for the barbies with my toddler for hours!! Lol 💁🏾‍♀️💃🏽

  15. Sad times in Texas. Delta 8 was made illegal yesterday. As a chronic pain sufferer and anxiety this is a hard hit

  16. I love your videos!! Thanks for your reviews!!!

  17. Girl you are awesome! Love your videos.

  18. I haven’t tried the moonwalker gummy’s, But I have tried the Koi ones and they are great. I think they are made by serene tree

  19. I'm gonna have to give those a try! I tend to smoke a lot of the delta 8 flower. But I think I need to add these in.

  20. I agree with everything you said in this video. Im a disabled army vet and started taking these about 4 months ago and was able to stop all my medications. Love your videos 😀

  21. Your link did work when I made my order, and the product was already $10 off! 👍👍😘😘💝💝

  22. That’s what I took. It had me stoned all day. I just took one of the 12.5 mg.

  23. Can’t wait to try these. I started smoking cbd about 30 min before my nighttime D8 gummy. I don’t get quite the high but get hella relaxed. Hoping these will help a bit better with pain.

  24. What’s crazy to me is one of the sour strawberry gummies effs me up. I have to take them close to bedtime or else I’ll eat the whole damn house and pass out. I’ve never slept better when I take one. I drool like a baby and wake up with a dry mouth but I feel like I had the best sleep. I should try to take half of one on a day when I know I’m not going anywhere and my kids won’t need me just to see how that feels.

    I’m glad you posted about this one because I was curious about the addition of CBD. I would love to get the same effect from delta 8 and even these that you do so that I could take them during the day.

    ETA I just went and looked, didn’t realize I had the 25mg ones. No wonder one takes me to Pluto.

  25. I love the moonwalker gummies but I tried the vapes and they made me and my bf sick. I tried it on 2 separate occasions and the 2nd time I threw up 😬 I reached out to the company and they were awesome about it and fixed the issue but has anyone else experienced this??

  26. As a chronic pain suffer I am a great supporter of cannabis over pills. I used to take over 12 pills a day 7 were narcotics, and was still in pain. I've eliminated all of them with micro-dosing cannabis and starting to be able to move around and letting me lose 160lbs. I love your channel and what you represent in today's world.

  27. Ohh yeah! you’re definitely more relaxed! Haha. I’m probably going to ask for a bottle of Europa for my 37th birthday next month! I’ve only tried shitty D8 local head shop gummies in FL.

  28. I’m from philly and wish I can get my hand on some 🥴 help me

  29. I wish edibles would work for me. I have gastroparesis and liver disease, so My metabolism is like a sloth.

  30. Which one do you use if you can only use indicas due to epilepsy

  31. Good Morning beauties 🖤🖤 hope you all have an amazing weekend

  32. Absolutely love these. Sometimes I like to give my lungs a break from smoking and these have been a lifesaver. Just ordered two more bottles and used your code. Thank you!

  33. High beautiful ! Thank you so much for today's video. You are my happy place. Luv ya…. Sativa

  34. Loved the vid and D8. Boosting the algorithm with a comment

  35. I keep asking but haven’t gotten an answer. How do you get this shipped to you when it’s banned in Michigan????

  36. so excited i love moonwlkr d8!

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