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Live: Corey LaJoie's Kickball Klassic Celebrity Game

Join as they broadcast Corey LaJoie’s Kickball Klassic celebrity game live from the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers baseball stadium.


16 thoughts on “Live: Corey LaJoie's Kickball Klassic Celebrity Game

  1. DiBenedetto would bunt at kickball.

  2. Glass Case of Stacking Pennies broadcast. I love it.

  3. Where’s the full race bruh

  4. This was awesome to watch! Watched the whole thing and enjoyed it! Nascar drivers should do more like this!

  5. Ver pilotos de nascar hacer esto,me hace reir😄

  6. Next game, lets get these yanks try out a cricket match next

  7. Can't wait for next year's event hope Brad keselowski and chase Elliott will be in it!!!!

  8. Just got home a bit ago from this, we had a great time!

  9. Let's go Brandon!
    Let's go Brandon!
    Let's go Brandon!

  10. Call the game.. the interview turns off me… and I have money to donate…. But shit split screen shit show

  11. Really cool they broadcasted this would have been a great opportunity to meet a lot of drivers. I bet next year they'll be more people there 👀

  12. Bob won best dressed with his overall look. Corey won MVP for putting this on. The weather doesn't matter, this ain't Talladega. It shall be finished!

  13. This is so freakin fun to watch!! Its litterly so cool to she these guys play a diffrent sport!? Keep it up dudes 😂

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