Babylon & Revelation – Roundtable Discussion

WesBlaze of WesBlazeMuzik, Marlo Eugene, Mike Maranatha, and Jason Lindgren of Secrets of Saturn join me for an inquisitive look at Babylon and the book of …


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  1. From someone who has dealt with years of anxiety and depression I had a strong conviction to not use any medication. Those drugs suppress things and change your brain. Ive watched friends struggle so much while on those and have a such a hard time getting off of them. My faith has been increased as i rely on the father and not a pill.

  2. Hint: The woman that rides the beast: Jerusalem also sits on 7 mountains and is where our savior was crucified! She is the mother harlot, who says she sits a queen and is no widow, and will not see the loss of children- she receives Double the judgment of her sister (the northern kingdom ephraim/Israel) The beast and the 10 kings hate the harlot and will leave her burned, naked and exposed, because great is the father that judges her! Remember, she has many, many daughters!

  3. Was there any early church fathers who believed the beast was Apolloyon aka Nimrod? Because this is a pretty recent view I've heard it from only Rob Skiba and u guys. I find it a stretch that there were chimera creatures we don't have archeological evidence, we have more for Neanderthals not these mythic creatures. And u mentioned the Ezekiel 38 Gog Magog war how would Nimrod be Gog if him and his armies descend to Israel get burned up by God then have to be buried for months? If u could explain or give clarification that would be great much love 🙏

  4. I believe America is definitely a Babylon but so are any governance and/or system of belief that’s against God. They all will fall! As far as mystery Babylon in Revelation it is a mother system that has corrupted the whole earth. This no doubt has the Roman Catholic Church involved because it set itself up against Jesus from the beginning.

  5. What a fantastic round table, I could have gone another 8-10 hours 😂

    Tree best part was the last, Sean you really broke it down to make me have so much more hope for the good people that I love that aren't followers (yet)..

    I would love to see these broken up into individual YouTube segments that would be so taxing to share. I listened over several segments, but there are a few I would love to share individually.

    Applause to you all for such a mature and informative discussion.

  6. Your explanation about Mystery Babylon the Great is going on the right way, but, OMG, your explanation about the loccusts and the order of the events in the Book of Revelation is PATHETIC; the fact that you don't have the answers to all the mysteries of the end times and Revelation does not worry me, because we don't know everything, but what really worries me and makes me so mad about you (Wes and Sean) is that you two (Wes and Sean) are really arrogant when somebody is trying to explain something that you don't agree with, because the knowledge that Marlo has about the loccusts is more trust worthy and more believable than your poor and ridiculous explanation about Nimrod being the (socrpion) king of the bottomless pit and also the Beast. You are so arrogant and sarcastic because you think you have all the truth, but you don't. The fact that you know some truth about the flat Earth and the Firmament does not make you the "all knowing guy". And also, what's that nonsense about using non canonical books to teach biblical doctrines? Why do you always have to use apocryphal or even worse, use GNOSTIC books to support what you believe? Isn't it enough to use the TRUE AND FINAL WORD OF GOD established in the Canon??? But no, you're not satisfied with the 66 canonized books of the Bible of the INSPIRED WORD OF GOD, you need more books to teach lies, you have to use GNOSTIC BOOKS to teach lies like the lie of the "anihilation of the soul" doctrine and I don't know what many more lies you believe in. May God have mercy on you (Wes and Sean) oh poor ignorant and arrogant guys!
    I hope that the Lord may lead you to ALL TRUTH.
    God bless you!

  7. Very interesting I often wonder about the time scale of the seal/trumpets and how they seemed to overlap… So that makes more sense that they are together…

    1st seal. White horse: went forth conquering, and to conquer.

    1st Trumpet. Hail and fire, mixed with blood, on the earth. A third of the earth burned up…

    2nd seal. Red horse: takes peace from the earth, Wars…

    2nd Trumpet. Mountain, burning with fire, thrown into the sea, and a third of the sea becomes blood, third of the sea/ships destroyed…

    3rd seal. Black horse: days wages for a loaf of bread etc… Which won't affect the oil and the wine…

    3rd Trumpet. A star falls from heaven, third of the rivers and on the springs of water become wormwood, people died from the water…

    4th seal. Pale horse: a quarter of the earth killed with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth…

    4th Trumpet. A third of the Sun/moon/stars are darkened, so the day is kept from shining, and likewise the night…

    5th seal. Souls cry out for judgement on Earth. They are told to wait until their fellowservants are killed as they were…

    5th Trumpet. Pit opened, locust like creatures come out and torment men, antichrist/beast comes out of the pit…

    6th seal. Great earthquake, the sun goes black, and the moon turns as blood, and the stars of heaven fall to earth…

    6th So the four messengers, are released to kill a third of mankind…

    Two witnesses appear…And when they have finished their testimony, the antichrist/beast from pit will make war on them and conquer them and kill them. They are raised 3 days later…

    7th seal. Silence in Heaven.

    7th Messiah comes wrath poured out…

  8. The locusts that come out of the pit arent described making war on the Saints anywhere in revelation right? I think Marlo made a good point when he said something about the locusts

  9. I agree with what Marlo was saying when he said it seemed that the angle was doing Gods bidding because they were told to not harm Gods people. The beast makes war on the Saints.

  10. Im still not understanding how Appylon can start the 42 months if the pit isnt opened on the first trumpet and he comes from the pit. Also what about the "Seven thunders" that were sealed away and John was told he must again Prophecy about many nations and peoples?

  11. You do realize that James Bruce was a Scottish Rite Freemason and the "Books of Enoch" are freemasonic forgeries based on 1st century Jewish Midrash? Where is the reoccurring theme O'Israel falling into idolatry and seeking Fathers mercy? Where are the references to our King, Yeshua HaMashiac or the tracing of His bloodlines back to Adam? Enoch is Spurious! A forgery… see Webster's Dictionary,
    apocryphal 1often capitalized: of or resembling the Apocrypha 2: not canonical: spurious, untrustworty 3 archaic: counterfeit, imitative, sham, see fictitious
    How could the Book of Enoch have been written by Enoch? He was taken before Noah was born, about 500 years before the deluge, correct? And the oldest known written history is in the form of Sumerian Cuniform dating back some 2600 years before our King, how could it possibly be authentic? That would make the Book of Enoch an Antediluvian text, and wasn't the whole point of Noah's Ark to escape the trappings of the 1st Earth age? If the Book did survive, it wasn't meant. I do not beLIEve the non-Biblical book of enoch, James Bruce was a Luciferian as was King James of Scotland. Coincidence that the King James version is the only english translation where Jude 14 is translated as 'TEN thousand' instead of 'myriads'(Strong's g3461 murias) and then the Book of Enoch was "rediscovered" in the 1770's (the same time the freemasons were extending their Luciferian empire into the New World) with that exact number in 1 Enoch 1:9??? Brought back to the world from ABYSSinia by none other than James Bruce, Scottish Rite Freemason?

  12. "Masonry came to Northern Africa and Asia Minor from the lost continent of Atlantis, not under its present name but rather under the general designation Sun and Fire Worship. The ancient Mysteries did not cease to exist when Christianity became the world's most powerful religion. GREAT PAN did not die! Freemasonry is the proof of his survival." -Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, page 542

  13. Sean,
    What is your opinion on the timeline of where we are now. Global rulers have pretty much taken over every country…a gen..o…cide is taking place as we speak. A vx pass.. port is already being used in some places and planning to be imposed in others. Without this, people are being segregated to not being able to take part in buying/selling…taking part in society. Deception is everywhere..strong delusion…please help with the timeline because what's going on now seems closer than 50-70 years to the start of all things revelation. Hope this makes sense. Thanks!

  14. I have a lot of struggles with the pharmakea. I have tried so many times to get off drugs I have taken but evidently there really are things that are wrong in the brain. I suffer from depression and feeling like I have a right to live let alone wanting to. I am currently on disability due to being legally blind. Having chronic arthritis and a bulging disc in my back, so pain is also a huge thing. Do I agree there are cures in nature, absolutely. Some of us cannot afford those things that we need to be healthy so we have to take what we are given to even make it to tomorrow. Do I feel there is truth in what you say yes. But I think some of us who don't have the choices others have.. feel so lost when we hear we're evil for not wanting to be in agony or not wanting to live. I pray and praise Yah every day of my life for all He has given me, ask for healing, and have the faith it can happen to me. I haven't received it yet, so having people literally telling me I don't love my Heavenly creator because I choose to fight my pain a few days a week when I hurt so much I can't even sleep. I am working on getting back into school through Vocational rehabilitation so I can get out of the small amount of debt I have which is huge when you don't even make 1k a month (I'm in debt 5k) in graphic and web design. So I can be useful to those of His children who want to have creators that have Him in mind. But until I get out of school (I can't get in cause due to the C word they won't let more than 15 kids in a classes at a time) I literally don't even have enough money to eat good food, let alone fill my body with good natural things to take pain away. I share this story for only one reason… never judge someone who has to take those things. Most of us are in a situation where we don't have good choices. meaning be in agony and suicidal all the time, or take your meds so you can sleep ever few days to stay mostly sane. That is a voice for those who feel lost due to circumstances, I'd ask all of you pray for us to find a way to make it to tomorrow, not judge us for how we are forced to due to how the world works at this time. Much love family in Yahuah! Thank you guys for sharing your spirits and wisdom. <3

  15. 50 70 years to be in revelations ?.. ok I know debating if w3 are in the 7 yrs but to claim 50 yrs you really make me wonder about your understanding 😮

    😮🤦🏽‍♀️👎🏽is well known technology was given by the fallen ones aliens in exchange of human abductions…how could this be good?.😳🤦🏽‍♀️
    Yes everything’s in pharmakia is sorcery you must know that the so call medical professionals do an oath to Apollyon
    😳🤦🏽‍♀️get it . And you guys should read the protocols of Zion to understand the depth of the deception and malice and agenda

  16. What if Babylon in the end times just isn't necessarily one nation…. what religion today that's in several different countries and nations incorporate the Babylonia and Greek philosophy today. The Roman catholics do. Look at all the times and laws that they've already changed. Look what their doing with the united nations. " you will own nothing and be happy" redistribution of wealth amongst the common people. Religious freedoms so that's what they say now. Idk

  17. Gentlemen this has been such an informative discussion! So thankful for these edifying explanations! Praise Yah, eyes & ears are being opened!!!! Blessings to all you brothers! 😁

  18. 30 minutes in and I agree with Mike 💯%! I see it in our children, this tech got children on the wrong path! Jealousy, anger, hate, rebellion in children's personality, growing stronger. We have a group of children who are interested in The Bible, it's the ones who can't afford the technology, they seem to have respect & love for one another. Im always involved with family and neighborhood children due to my son being non verbal. Love giving them The Truth. 😁💖

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