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  1. ❤️ Beauty, elegance, likeable Royal Princess Kate. Beautiful appearance, obsession with Anorexia. That's what Princess Diana of Wales confessed. Kate is not even 40 and she looks like she's 50 close up. Any doctor if they're looking will see those signs. I am not a doctor and I see the obsession for years with her weight and it's only getting worst, because that's what an anorexic person will show, signs of aging progressively with wrinkles and protruding bones around the neck and chest. The signs are all over her like Diana. The depression in the eyes and the appearance as if though everything is ok. A person that's anorexic is just like a person that does drugs or alcohol. What does a drug addict do? They go in alleys and tunnels or secluded places where no one can see them and that's what an anorexic person does. They go in the bathroom after they eat and that's where it gets ugly for them. They feel like if they keep the food inside them, they will gain that one ounce that don't want to have and we all need food for protein, because if we don't get it, we start looking like a drug addict or a skeleton that has no weight gain on them, all you see is the bones and the wrinkles. Kate has to hurry up and stop and get help the way Diana did.

    Remember Karen Carpenter? Her brother who sang with her for years didn't know she was anorexic until it was too late. An extreme anorexic person, you will see their top teeth when they smile more than then the lips, because the muscles around the mouth and throat are the muscles they use excessively everyday to gag, so it becomes like a drug, they have to do it. Also the collagen around the mouth deminishes. They also pretend everything is fine, just like a drug addict, as if though they forget people see right though them. We all don't want any surprises with Kate before it's too late, because the stomach muscles also pays a heavy price inside, not outside and her belly is smaller than a teenager. Her life is a beautiful book on the cover, but inside the pages of the book, is telling me she needs instant strategic supervision, clinical phycological intervention, counseling and most of all, like Diana, admission to get serious help ASAP.🌹

    In between writing this serious observation, my daughter and I are making split pea soup, hoping a doctor or doctors in England or America or anywhere else in the world will read this info and find help for Kate, I wish I could help her. When you see a person drowning, it's a human reaction to try to save them. Don't wait, it will only get worse.

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