Cannabis Question Extra: Cannabis Reverses Brain Aging in Mice

In this “Cannabis Question” extra, explore how cannabis can reverse the signs of brain aging in mice—and whether it may have the same effect in humans.


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  1. Why do they make a synthetic THC? and not use the natural organic THC from the plant, I believe they are slaves of big Pharma. Once they find cures with cannibis big Pharma will patent a synthetic compound & sell for an outrageous price.

  2. I believe it could help cognition which is ironic seeing how I was always told it makes you stupid and useless…bot the is TCV the only reason I can swallow food, and my cognition and memory issues are lower when I've been micro dosing the compared to when not. I know my house gets cleaned only with meds on-board

  3. I bought a vaporizer (age 66) then I decided that I did not enjoy hydroponic cannabis. Durn. I wish I could just grown some in my garden and let it go to 5 and a half months like it does in the wild, but no, the straights are intent on maintaining prohibition so their criminal mates can get rich growing hydro.

  4. I can be a true candidate on marijuana it's the only drug (medicine) I use, Never had a cup of coffee, energy drinks, and don't smoke cigarettes and absolutely no alcohol and I'm 47 years old and looking younger then I should

  5. Stop doing research with synthetic cannabinoids or cannabis. To learn what cannabis actually does you have to do the research with real cannabis and real cannabinoids.

  6. This stuff is nothing new to cultures from all over the world. Modern science is just now reinforcing commonly known uses for the earth's natural herbal remedies. If only we could stop commodities traders/brookers from oppressing the hemp industy. Many of the world's problems could be quelled with hemp alone. Until we stop relying on oil and wood to heat and build everything around us, we're essentially doomed.

  7. funny how people that like pot gobble this up like bird seed. good enough for mice. well that proves it right? cannabis is a miracle nutrient! never mind the decades of research mri's and in some cases the out come of thousands of years in a culture. say in Bhutan it's only culturally ok to do it once a year during a festival. lol cannabis has been in their culture for thousands of years. that's the end product. you would think from some of these comments that the people of Bhutan should be the most advanced healthiest longest living people on earth. what else were these mice fed? did they gorge on junk food fast food drink soda alcohol and smoke tobacco? subjected to smog ozone N02 ect.. any pollutants toxins heavy metals that most people are exposed to. were they on other medications/ hormones? the list is endless really. lol one thing is conclusive cannabis users love propaganda just as much as Christians love delusion. also cannabis changes brain cell organization. what dose it do pertaining to all that was just mentioned? economics: why are they paying the same to more for the drug compared to back when it was illegal? hum? what would a snake oil salesmen do? Lmao! come one come all get high and live forever new special tonic that cures everything and extends life. why's the price triple? new variety that has been proven to regenerate the brains of mice and it's in short supply. Lmao! suckers. take the money you would normally spend on pot then instead spend the money on healthy diet and a gym membership. that's been proven to really help humans. there's mounting evidence that the tannins in strawberry jam (well berries) once metabolized by gut bacteria help prevent deterioration of your cells mitochondria. to me way more interesting.

  8. Younger brains are at risk when using THC? Ronald Reagan has entered the chat.

    You had me right up until the end. Unless you're 10 and smoke night and day then maybe there is a negative consequence there.

    People on mary j are harder to control and influence with propaganda.

    CIA has entered the chat………..

  9. Canada should be at the front of medical cannabis research of this nature!

    Synthetic THC doesn't have all of the other cannabinoids, so imagine how effective actual cannabis is compared to synthetic.

  10. Of course, all those mice are permanently FAT, don't know their lefts from their rights, and are sterile, insane maniacs who will do anything for another hit. But at least now they are ready for brainwashing.

  11. THC was never the issue, it’s the tobacco that it’s commonly used with that causes most of the harm to the human body.

    Remove Tobacco from the equation and clearly there’s medicinal purposes for THC.

  12. I don’t know about the old mouse, but when I’m stoned I have no problem wading through waist deep fluid to escape the maze! Or is it go down a rabbit hole? No wait, it’s fly through the air with the greatest of… damn, where’s my bong?😂

  13. Inflammation=chronic illnesses like autoimmune disorders, cancer, etc. If cannabinoids can reduce that, doesn’t that make it a potential prevention for these diseases? I hope science can prevail over “morals” and politicians and of course big Pharma but I don’t have much hope.

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