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The Life of an Internet Superstar – OpTic HECZ Documentary

We went on a journey with OpTic HECZ as he walked us through his daily life: esports, sports cars, running businesses, shoe collections, and living the …


24 thoughts on “The Life of an Internet Superstar – OpTic HECZ Documentary

  1. Shout out to Mike from Dexerto for keeping up with me that week. lol.

  2. Shout out to the Good Good crew!

  3. Hecz needs to get hooked up with ADIDAS…..Just Sayin'

  4. Internet superstar is abit of a far fetch

  5. The only thing that I would always question is what happened with Predator… Optic Predator was deff one of the pioneers of the brand… he helped Optic be who they are now and played a big part in the beginning… it seems like Hecz completely forgot about him…

  6. hecz is one of the greatest in esports ever!

  7. Hecz is like they older brother we all want! Dope owner but a amazing human!

  8. 16:21 he thought that was it and yall were peacing out lol

  9. Can honestly say hector is by far my favourite youtuber humble funny and chill

  10. Sanctuary beach resort!! Used to live right by there. Also saltwood 🔥

  11. Hecz is the goat man

  12. Only clicked the video to express how cringe that title is.

  13. Awesome video, huge inspiration to me!

  14. What song is that while they’re driving the cars

  15. Dude boss ish,started from the bottom now hes therd

  16. Where can I get some pine park? Looking to getting back into weed, been off for like 4 years lol

  17. This man is Mexico's pride!!! What an inspiration. Hector Rodriguez has done so much for COD it's honestly insane.

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