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  1. She's back home right around the time nader kicks her out she just got home i doubt she just woke up and can't sleep. I agree she has it pretty good she could be in a third world country with very little food or clean water

  2. What is concerning to me is that she seems to get off with disgusting and weird mannerisms for all to see. Is money that much of a motivation to degrade herself on a public platform? It is so weird. Her shamelessness is astounding and maybe a sign that she really is in need of professional help.

  3. Is she aware that people actually have struggles and real life problems like taking care of kids and paying bills not trying to find nashies? This woman makes it seem like her life is just so hard and so stressful when she does the absolute BARE minimum. People offer simple solutions and they’re considered “haters” like lol waht 🤨

  4. Breezy, if she would just admit one bad thing that she obviously constantly does in front of thousands of people on her livestreams maybe she wouldn’t be so hated. Chantal CONSTANTLY smokes in her room with the cats right there. HOW can she so blatantly lie?! It’s jaw dropping. And you’re right. The complaining is disgusting.

  5. You are my only reaction channel going forward. You are kind, articulate and best of all educated enough to use the English language without butchering it with profanity and slang. You go girl, I for one support you😊👍🌷 oh btw no reason to ever give FB a view again and that's WONDERFUL 🌞💛🌼

  6. The smacking noises!!!! Ugh 😑 This is just my opinion, but something seems off about Shannon. I don’t trust her, and if I see a tweet frim her or a video snd read/watch it, I leave thinking it’s a lie. Anyone else feel that way? She’s nowhere near the master that Chantal is, but I just find her suspect.

  7. She was on a bender, ripping rails of blow all weekend. It takes 24-48 hours to come down from a weekend like that. No one can tell me the guy who loves blow and never believed he had an issue with it, wasn't doing blow on his birthday weekend in Montreal.

  8. The whole time she just was complaining about her stomach not feeling well yet also congratulating herself on "barely eating" all day…hey dummy, you just took a very potent drug cocktail yesterday to get rid of your super gonorrhea, of course you don't feel well!

  9. Her eating drives me crazy and I honestly think she does it on purpose to piss people off! I am sure she is just getting home from Dom's! By the end of this video, she is so high.

  10. Ahhhh my freaking gawd. Was she never taught to chew with her mouth closed?!
    I'm inky a few minutes in but if anyone imrl ever ate chips this way ….id probably punch them right in the teeth!!!! Lol

  11. The Shannon thing just confuses me. To be honest l think they are both just as bad. You Don’t maintain a 20 something year old friendship unless you have things in common. Shannon going from bestie that loves and is worried for a friend to suddenly being a reaction channel is sus to me. They both seem to say the most vile things about each other despite the “long” friendship they claim to have had. The Chantal cycle will soon lose its luster. Like what else does she have going for her channel besides the toxic relationship arc she is milking

  12. Let’s be real, she’s moody because of all the hate comments she was getting not because she’s “tired”…. And I thought her “therapist” dropped her? It was also on a different day last time which isn’t how therapy works, they rely on the consistency…. That story isn’t adding up…

  13. “I actually have the chills I’m so tired” … that makes absolutely no sense…. She’s just too broke to buy her edibles that knock her out… it’s called withdrawal Chantal which prob caused the brain glitch at 14:08…..

  14. How does Chantal even begin to credit therapy when she's rarely gone beyond the introductory session with any therapist she's tried. I think only twice has she had a real therapy session!🙄 I love how she says she feels so free not having to worry about what and how much she's eating. You know what makes me feel free? No longer having to worry about fitting in a booth, in a movie seat, in a carnival ride, in a seat at a concert or baseball game or if the seatbelt will fit in a friend's car. I can stand in long lines, walk distances, run all my errands in one day, keep up with the big horses I walk out to the pasture and so many things. I can do this because I finally made myself a priority and restricted my eating. I figure I've clearly eaten more than my share of pizza, ice cream and chips so I'm fine with basically dropping that kind of stuff forever. I do eat holiday meals, Super Bowl snacks and even cheeseburgers when my nephews invite me over, but I know these things in advance and plan for it. The freedom that comes with weight loss brings untold happiness, so much better than the "freedom" to eat potato chips. Ok, rant over, sorry😄

  15. I will say this Chantal isn't wrong when it comes to Shannon. The friendship ended so she built her platform cashed in off her ex-bff's substance abuse problems and befriended people from the Hayder pack of rabid wolves. I thought Shannon going on FFG's channel was really low. Even if you hated a ex friend there are some things you just do not do to a person…

  16. I can’t stand the way she eats nonstop and the awful noises that she makes when she chews. I’m still wondering how tf ANYONE can watch, listen to, tolerate and support her and her grotesqueness. 😩

  17. Can you PLEASE start screen recording landscape not portrait🙏🙏 it’s very hard to watch the video and you will still get the chat on the landscape version! I do it on my phone & tablet all the time! Thx so much! Also I don’t know many people who don’t have their screen and landscape when watching videos so when we have it on auto play it’s very frustrating because we love your videos so much and you!!

  18. She has the chills from the amphetamines or cola or mdma she takes. Stimulant drugs cause extreme ups and downs in body temperature. It’s insane she hasn’t had a cardiac event or stroke with her blood clot issues.

  19. What we do in the shadows FUNNY MOVIE now a tv show… I wish I could stream movies 😕 netherbeast inc is also funny/ horror w steve from BLUES CLUES and Justin Mews (Jay and Silent Bob)

  20. Shes so full of it. About the therapy and how it's been helping her 🤣
    Shes only had 1 maybe 2 sessions lol oh and honey I am the same way with animajs and not letting animals on the kitchen counter or tables where there's food and food being prepared. No way. I wish I could rescue every single animal that needed a home 😔 Giving animals rules Is good for them. I wish I had money so I could have a rescue shelter and some land for animal's in need. That's a dream of mine.

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