Bro Science vs Grow Science – From the Stash Podcast ep. 48

There are a lot of misconception in the world of growing, some have a little science to back them, some have none. The latter is known as BRO SCIENCE, let’s …


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  1. Bro science in cannabis only took off since the government saw the $ potential in it before that you had to rely on bro science but you were limited who to talk to pre internet

  2. I like to only use calmag in a very small amount. Each gallon ill only use 2ML maybe 3ML. Then water all the plants with only a gallon or two. I feel like it distributes the magnesium and calcium without burn on my plants. I learn so much every day because of you guys and you don't understand how much you help us thank you guys

  3. The MYTH that, hanging a plant upside down, and the nugz gaining any kind of goodness from the stem, is the MOST HILARIOUS Bro Science, I've ever heard……
    May I suggest$cut the nug off the stem and leave one nug hanging on a branch…..I rest my case…..

  4. Hey brotha love the info… And I just started a new grow series myself where I am doing a dry run experimenting with a bunch of different stuff before running with batch that I am starting now… and I was wondering if you would ever have the time to do a short Q&A with me? My channel is on the smaller side with only 3.3K views right now, but is slowly "growing".. 😂… And I just had Mars Hydro sponsor our upcoming grow series, plus I am grabbing up some new cameras and studio equipment now, and would love to have you on an episode maybe answering a few questions and sharing some pointers!! Lmk if you would ever have the time and be open to the idea brotha!!!

  5. Rob is completely wrong when he says there's no difference between organic and synthetic when it comes to growing and flavor. Nitrogen is nitrogen is nitrogen is way off it's not even the same compounds of nitrogen that's found in organic growing that's in the synthetic bottles it's a completely different compound on the periodic table. It's a fake nutrient it doesn't even bind to the plant the same way normal nutrients do and that's why the taste is horrible with synthetic. Also I saw Rob's organic cannabis grow and his buds were so small SMH. I've grown in cocoa with nutrients just like Rob has and I've done my own organic growth and the terpene profiles is way better (immensely) it's a whole different universe of taste and flavor. And it's crazy cuz they bring up Mark from perfect gardens and Mark will tell you that it's not the same compounds that the plant grows differently and binds nutrients differently. The fact that they use calmag as a horrible example.. this is why I watched these guys when I first started out but there is so much better info out there and better channels.

  6. Dr.ShimLeaf4Flowers here boys and I was running 5 seeds name was Charlie sheen and had no clue they was autos until they was in week 2. I was shocked but through em into th 12/12 cycle and we looking good . I've been pheno hunting big time and thanks to bro science I've ran crazy test and still came on top. Thanks fellas

  7. Light equals yield and quality is based on the grower talent the amount of watts gets judged by space and size of your plants you wouldn't give a small plant same amount of light or nutes as a big plant it's like shifts gears in a car you don't go from 1st to 5th there's nothing efficient about growing cannabis in my opinion 🤷

  8. Guys, there’s a high times article out about a flushing study, and they found in a blind taste test users actually preferred the non flushed… which would imply the upper hand for organic.

  9. Woah. So if the plant is using green light .
    Is it affecting when flower is initiated at all? I switched to 12/12 but I'm running green Led the whole time…
    sometimes I come in during lights of and defoliate and clean up , :l
    My tent is halfway through flower looking beast

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