Ancient Cannabis Cult / History documentary

Who were the first cannabis users in history? The first 100 people to go to are going to get unlimited access for 1 week to try it …


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  1. Honestly I would rather get a psychotic condition and chase windmills than live and fit in with today’s society. On either political side. Fundamentally sick culture.

  2. Please show/ share this video to all victims of the 80's/ 90's Era of the War Against Drugs.
    'Marijuana isn't very Christian, turn to Jesus, just say no, etc'
    *insert the Assyrians/ Jews Chapter. – sincerely, a fellow SuperPredator.

  3. Black Sands? After 9 years nobody can still find a copy of this documentary? What is wrong? I would very seriously by a DVD or Blu-Ray or I would watch it if it was available on a streaming service and I have many of them. Will someone please tell me how I can see this full movie?

  4. Seems it’s been a part of mankind for centuries but most states in America will still send you to prison for it but alcohol is sold on every corner. Just goes to show how that industry has a hold on Washington that along with the Christian faith who love to drink also

  5. No debate with the Artha Veda reference although the Soma origin is debatable. My real prob with this video is placing our Lord Sakayumi anywhere near this “holy plant” of the Hindus. Gautama was logic incarnate. There was not one man or deva alive or incarnate who could best Him in philosophic debate; most joined Him in discipleship after having been humbled by His compassion. Don’t place Him anywhere near narcotics. The idea that the Tathagatha would have at anytime endorsed drug use in any form is ludicrous. ☸️

  6. I thought you had a video on Carthage and Germanic tribes.. which one was that..? This was clearly smoked long before tobacco in Eurasia..

  7. In India, many modern hindu festivals promote the use of cannabis. Ganja during "Shivratri" and "Bhang"(Cannabis balls in milk) during holi is a ritual. Many young people even have their first experience with Cannabis during the Holi festivities where Bhang is a must.

  8. The Taliban used the same tactics the Saka used against Darius. The kite and wait game. We can say that the Pashtuns are other related tribes retain the Saka traits. They smoke up and are always ready for war.

  9. Appreciate the effort. The Saka Haumavarga were based in present day Afghanistan. Saka Tigraxauda in present day Kazakhstan(Ka Saka Stan) and Northern uzkbek tajik Krygiz). Just a request I hope you don't use the term Iranians. Because the present day Iranians and North Indians were descentdants of these people . You should either refer to these people as Central Asian or Proto Indo Iranian.

  10. "Kane Bo Sem" can be translated in modern hebrew as "קנה בושם" literally "Kane Bosem" as "Perfume stem / cane / stalk" connecting to the meaning of ritual smoke that was produced from it for it's good smell and intoxicating qualities.
    Additional, but might be unrelated connection is that "Kane" – Cane, "Bo" – which is in , Sem or Shem – the name (Usually referred as God 'Ha Shem" – השם) so it can be interpreted as "The cane that God is in it" which also might mean that this is the plant in which God resides.

  11. What memory loss, increased risk of psychotic disorder and schizophrenia that is a lie, I am the living proof of that, I remember every single detail of my life, I face wetiko governments and their academics and made them cry for their delusions and false arguments and theories and also faced all kinds troubles head strong and never faltered. AND I SMOKE WEED DAILY! That is pure BS that comes from the corrupt parasitic governments so that men would not get this magnificent healing plants to good use. Simple as that and also forge all sorts of stories to demistify it or demonize it just like with electricity so that they could sell what is in fact dangerous, volatile and poisonous petroleum.

  12. There's many uses for it and medical cannabis has been used for medical and other reasons for thousand thousands of years it was also one of the first crops that went around the world and ships

  13. I would beg to differ about historical distinctions between hemp and marijuana. There would not have been any reason to breed thc out of any hemp variety of cannabis until the moral panic and subsequent laws passed in the early 20th century. Thats when you see the fork occur. Specifically bred, non psychoactive hemp remained legal for industrial use while the same plant with the wrong cannabinoid profile was outlawed.

  14. I love this page and use it to teach from your point of view to my audience. But, what about The Cannabis Origins in Mesopotamia, Egypt and The Indus Valley amongst The Ubaid, Cushites (Indus Kush Valley, Kush weed), and Egyptian?

  15. Hi , sorry to have to add some truth to your vid . First , the cannabis plant was not used as a drug in the far past . It's ours interventions that made this plant psychoactive , in nature she is only medicinal , one will need to add heat to the mix for her to become psychoactive . Second , cannabis plants were found in a shaman grave in china , dating around 7000 to 7500 years in the past ( you speak of another i guess from 3500 years ) . So her first use should come from asia as you said . That apart you made a nice informative vid , sadly there are many wrongs deductions in it , one for example is to say that cups containing traces of opium and cannabis is a proof of drug use , these are 2 medicinal plants , we used it in another way now but you have no proof that it was the case thousands of years ago . Another is to say that burning cannabis seeds is a proof of drug use , seeds do not contain any cannabinoids so even burning a ton of it won't get high anyone . And your descriptions of the effects of the plant are at best laughable , do not speak of what you don't know yourself . You are surely a well informed scholar but you know nothing of it for yourself , as lies are what we find the most when researching on that sort of things your vid is reflecting that , and it's too bad because it's visible you've made a lot of research on this subject .

  16. Scythian stoner here (MyTrueAncestry), extremely broad jaw, related to the first kings of Sweden and Russia, natural talent with handling animals, barbarian by heart and even wear a Smurf hat with ear flaps like on one of the pictures 💪😂

  17. Thank you for all your podcasts my friend, I have African, Indian and Caucasian heritage. I wish I had discovered your podcast a lot earlier as it's been a great help motivating me to push ahead with doing my own action research into Ancient wines. Keep speaking your mind about woke influences creeping into historical descriptions of the past.

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