OAN: Worse than you thought | Corporate Casket

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  1. OAN is just Propaganda videos 5th grade level lie read by hot girls on their 1st job who are able to read a prompter…. and the racist guys who spew the CRAZY. It looks like a College level spoof, but all day. GOP-PORN

  2. No, we need to put our foot down. This is dangerous!! Liberals, STOP helping to prop this up. If our country goes down the drain that experience wont matter. I know Iilluminaghtii states that the market is hard but come on! Good people working to help brainwash us straight toward civil war!!

  3. It's conservative media. That's what makes it totally not credible to begin with. I certainly would not call them far right. They basically say the same thing that the National Review and other mainstream conservative propagandists are pumping out.
    The notion that a bunch of young liberals are working at OAN because they can't get a job anywhere else or because the experience is invaluable is laughable.
    Your evidence confirming that was not sufficient and I find it highly improbable.

  4. In my life I believe much of corporate sneaky doublespeak comes from star bucks, cause I worked there. Confirmation bias? You couldn't say you're welcome after a "guest" not customer said thank you. You had to say thank you back instead. I still can't shake that habit. Vince McMahon is responsible for branding words nonsense as well. Yknow "superstar" instead of wrestler. The word wrestling is basically banned. All sorts of words are banned or have a corporate alternative. The Republicans or the right or whoever they are have caught on in a major way to the power of language manipulation. I don't even know if there is an effective way of combating this tactic. Pphhhhhppbbtttttth. That was a noise

  5. I would, as a matter of principle, refuse to call him Mr. H during this video. Herring is clearly a douchebag, and as such, I would not use his self decided pet-name. I know its a small, petty thing. But its a harmless small and petty thing that might just cause him to grit his teeth one day when he hears/see's it, and that chance of pissing him off just a touch would be worth it 😀

  6. Why do you say you don't claim to be a journalist? This is literally journalism and great work. Degrees are just pieces of paper and are only as good as the person is in their industry.

  7. Unbeknownst to these aspiring, fresh-out-of-college journalists, having OAN on a resume is worse than having no experience on a resume. Enjoy your time in the 'industry', because you'll never work in it again.

  8. I won't be heading towards your puppy channel after this, bc I'm heavily afraid of dogs. Sorry. I gotta find other things to cope with the ridiculousness of this channel which makes Faux News look like a normal, non fear mongering and non crazy channel. But I kinda know, what I can expect from a video about this, even though I might still be surprised or at least disgusted after watching this.

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