Amazon Music’s spatial audio now works on any headphones

It’ll be easier for subscribers to listen to music with spatial audio starting today. You can now use any headphones to listen to songs with Dolby Atmos and via supported devices.

Those include iOS, Android, some other Alexa Cast devices and Sony soundbars and home theater speakers with 360 Reality Audio support. Later this year, you’ll be able to stream Amazon Music’s Dolby Atmos tracks to and soundbars through the Sonos app.

Amazon switched on spatial audio in Amazon Music . It’s now available to Unlimited subscribers at no extra cost and it’ll be on by default. , Amazon rolled HD and Ultra HD music into the standard Unlimited individual, family and student plans, rather than asking users to pay extra for those tracks, as was previously the case.

Until now, Amazon’s spatial audio has only been available on a limited selection of devices, including Echo Studio and . So, bringing the feature to a wider selection of headphones should mean far more people are likely to try it.

Apple Music also started offering spatial audio this year with . However, that streaming service has at least one trick Amazon does not: for spatial audio using AirPods Pro or AirPods Max.

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