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This night routine CHANGED MY LIFE (Weight loss & Mental Glow up: cope w/ Insomnia & Anxiety) UBCBD

Striving to get my life together and be a better version of myself – and that girl? Guess that’s us, all of us, who put effort into self improvement 🙂 Get $$ off from …


20 thoughts on “This night routine CHANGED MY LIFE (Weight loss & Mental Glow up: cope w/ Insomnia & Anxiety) UBCBD

  1. I'm watching this while eating a McChicken with medium french fries and a caramel Frappuccino lol I'm trying to change habits tho

  2. anyone, where does she live cus the night city view is to prettyyyyyyyy <3

  3. I'm somewhere between 5'4 and 5'5 and my weight is 52kgs. I don't really wanna lose weight but tone my body. Like a flatter stomach, smaller waist, thinner arms. I started working out today. I'm gonna update when I'm happy with my results!

  4. This is the encouragement I needed.

  5. Sis dealing with insomnia is not so easy I have dealt with insomnia!!! You experience hallucinations including auditory and visual hallucinations!! You loose your mind when you don't sleep for two or more consecutive days!!! I was admitted to a mental hospital 🏥😕

  6. Not related at all but HER HEAD SHAPE!?!?!!? is BEAUTIFUL

  7. Alguien que hable español que me traduzca la rutina porfis

  8. I do not understand when I gain weight if in the photos of the quarantine it appears with a small waist. and his small contour is since 2018

  9. Can anyone help? I do these things but I am still flabby, it's like my body is incapable of becoming thin. I've lost 50 pounds since 2019, and I am stuck at 100 but I'm not skinny.

  10. I like the idea of running late at night, I hate running during the day when people can see me. I try waking up early and run but I decided I needed my rest.

  11. I'm really happy for you not everyone who want to lose weight can do this

  12. Just running and eating well gave you THAT body? Ffs lol, I used to dance or run every day for 8 years and ate well and never got THAT fit. Sucks that it's more difficult for some.

  13. I wanted to follow this so bad cuz I have energy only at night but if I go out at night I will definitely be rape or murder :'c guess I die ugly and fat then

  14. How many times you do exercise in the day?

  15. What I don't understand is that you read in the dark or maybe it's on the video the light doesn't really show.

  16. the picture before is photo shopped

  17. How long did it take you to get that body? Pls🥺

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