This night routine CHANGED MY LIFE (Weight loss & Mental Glow up: cope w/ Insomnia & Anxiety) UBCBD

Striving to get my life together and be a better version of myself – and that girl? Guess that’s us, all of us, who put effort into self improvement 🙂 Get $$ off from …


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  1. I'm somewhere between 5'4 and 5'5 and my weight is 52kgs. I don't really wanna lose weight but tone my body. Like a flatter stomach, smaller waist, thinner arms. I started working out today. I'm gonna update when I'm happy with my results!

  2. Sis dealing with insomnia is not so easy I have dealt with insomnia!!! You experience hallucinations including auditory and visual hallucinations!! You loose your mind when you don't sleep for two or more consecutive days!!! I was admitted to a mental hospital 🏥😕

  3. Can anyone help? I do these things but I am still flabby, it's like my body is incapable of becoming thin. I've lost 50 pounds since 2019, and I am stuck at 100 but I'm not skinny.

  4. Just running and eating well gave you THAT body? Ffs lol, I used to dance or run every day for 8 years and ate well and never got THAT fit. Sucks that it's more difficult for some.

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