"I'm Not Interested In The Constitution" – CBP Conducts A Controversial Stop

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  1. Letting them cross the border by the thousands putting them on busses and planes dropping there off in cities across the crontry and this man has to go through this shit

  2. I thought they couldn't make you wait anymore for a K-9. They have the amount of time it takes to write your ticket for the dog to arrive. If he's not there by then. Oh well, tough titty. They aren't even writing anything.

  3. When was this video taken? Rodriguez v United States would absolutely apply and they could not legally bring in a K9. Unless the K9 was there already it’s violating his 4th amendment by illegally seizing his time. K9s false alert all the time.

  4. This is the problem with drug dogs or should I say the fucking k9 officers,they can lie ALLLLL they want and CLAIM the dog signaled. It doesn't matter if they or not,THEY only need to claim it to illegally search.

  5. I wish we had constitution rights in Iraq cause people of authority here take it on another level and really terrorize the citizens. Does anyone know a way we can spread awareness about this issue?

  6. Why does it usually take about 13 to 19 weeks on average but can last up to six months to become a slave patroller but it takes about 8 to 10 years to become a lawyer or judge? I'm convinced that you don't need a IQ above 7 to become a slave patroller.

  7. Here's an argument that they're going to probably disregard the so-called US border agents tell him a multiple times that we believe you may be smuggling illegal immigrants seriously how can any border patrol agent actually open up their mouth and say that to any individual I don't care if you got a hundred people packed in the school bus when we have over 100,000 illegal immigrants illegally coming into the United States from across the borders what does this say it basically says that the border guards aren't doing their damn job and if they were doing their job then Texas Arizona New Mexico and many other states wouldn't be having such an immigration problem doesn't that make sense if you got somebody there to guard the border it's technically in their name of what they do they're border guards so if they're a border guard and yet they're being overrun by tens of thousands of people this kind of says a little warning one they obviously probably need more help to guard the border and also that they probably aren't doing their job very well if tens of thousands of people are coming across the borders on their own free will like birds flying around in the sky

  8. All they're doing is trying to threaten and intimidate this poor guy and violate his fundamental rights and when I start saying well sir you look a little jumpy and you're looking a little like you might be having some ideas well of course he might be a little jump in he might have some ideas first of all usually want to run or get away from bunch of morons standing around threatening you also if you're sitting unarmed in a vehicle and you have five cops and different directions all around it and if one of them just decides they want to be stupid that day you could be murdered in five different directions for doing nothing so even if you're wearing an absolute level 3A hardened ballistic bulletproof suit from the future you're still going to get hurt and you're still going to be feeling a little threatened especially when you don't have a gun and all these morons do

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