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Weekend Update: Terry Fink’s Fall 2021 Movie Review – SNL

Weekend Update film critic, Terry Fink (Alex Moffat), stops by to share his fall 2021 movie picks. Saturday Night Live. Stream now on Peacock: …


47 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Terry Fink’s Fall 2021 Movie Review – SNL

  1. I know it’s completely inappropriate, both then and now, but In Living Color’s Men on Film was way funnier than this sketch – hated it!

  2. I would also scream ACAB in the paw patrol movie. All dogs go to heaven, just not those class traitors at the paw patrol.

  3. They should alternate moffat every weekend with this character and the guy who just bought a boat

  4. Best line "I don't trust the vaccine"🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Terry Fink must be Casey Casums illegitimate son

  6. Man, I love SNL frfr. Cast been a1 for years now and gets funnier

  7. I miss Bailey at the movies

  8. His Paw Patrol review was remarkably spot on considering how high he was when he saw it.

  9. Terry Fink and Bailey Gismert should meet

  10. This guys schumer impression is amazing

  11. Totally unfunny dull skit

  12. That was surprisingly really good. Great concept, great delivery and performance.

  13. I love how even under LSD Paw Patrol is still fascist !

  14. I havent laughed so fucking hard in so fucking long.

  15. He sounds like Kasey Kasem

  16. Alex Moffatt’s characters are very pun-heavy.

  17. Made me miss Moviephone

  18. Whoever wrote this sketch, and also Alex, have DEFINITELY done LSD

  19. How come no one ever told me Colin is married to Scarlet Johansson?! And why does this make my heart sing😂💕

  20. This is the FIRST sketch that has made me smile the entire way through in a while. I'm hoping they keep trying new stuff

  21. Thing is a lot of his eeview is accurate lol

  22. He sounds like Seth Meyers😂

  23. Perfect drug pause

  24. That was incredibly funny 😄

  25. Am I the only one who noticed that was 13 tiny terries not 10

  26. Horrible, not funny, gee what would they do with out the fake laughter. 
    Maybe They should try doing one of Kamala Harris and her space cadet video by sinking ship productions.

  27. Alex looks like EricT and talking like DTJr here

  28. Give us more of this guy!!!

  29. He's so good at acting and comedy it's crazy.

  30. This isn't what being on LSD is like. Thumbs down

  31. Why is Alex Moffat doing his impersonation of Casey Kasem? (He was a disc jockey/television personality who had a national show counting down the weekly top 40 songs. I'm old, I remember these people. LoL)

  32. “Newcomer Jeb Bush who thrills and chills as a Times Square Elsa shoving me through the window of an M&M store” is maybe the funniest thing I have ever heard.

  33. 3:17 "I don't trust the vaccine." Great button at the end of this wonderful bit.

  34. Uh this guy is bad when he owns a boat and now he’s worse when he doesn’t know how people act on lsd. SNL in the 70’s would’ve done their research and dropped. You took bad overused cliches about the drug. Maybe you should drop tune in and drop the fuck out

  35. It was almost good enough to make up for my disappointment at the intro not leading to new Bailey Gismert.

  36. Gilly and Keeves is better

  37. We demand more Terry!!!

  38. Why cant I see all the content of SNL???????????????????????? I need to use a VPN

  39. I heard papa troll instead of paw patrol…..

  40. I loved it so much I ran 19 blocks in 2 minutes

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