The Famed Dalgona Candy From ‘Squid Game’ Is Now Available at a Houston Restaurant

Thanks to Squid Game, the brutally enjoyable Netflix series that’s currently fascinating the country, wildly trendy Dalgona candy is now officially a thing at the Houston outpost of MDK Noodles.

For those who haven’t seen the series, the Dalgona candy, made from caramelized sugar, features prominently in an episode of Squid Game, a Korean television show that involves contestants competing in a series of children’s games that look deceptively easy, all for a chance at a huge cash prize. Fortunately, though, at MDK, no one has to compete in a terrifying game to get their hands on this airy, crunchy candy.

Also called ppopgi, or honeycomb candy, sugar is heated until it’s caramelized and fluffy, then poured out, pressed into a circle, then stamped with a simple shape like a heart. Like in the TV show, Dalgona candy fans are obsessed with carving the shape cleanly out of the circle, even though they don’t actually face certain death if they fail. There are thousands of videos featuring recipes for making your own Dalgona candy on TikTok, but it definitely seems easier to leave dealing with hot, sticky sugar to the professionals.

Scope out how MDK Noodle makes Dalgona candy using a process identical to the one used in the show via the restaurant’s Instagram account:

Dalgona candy is currently available at MDK Noodle’s location in Asiatown. No word yet on how long the deviously delicious candy will stick around, so fans of the show will definitely want to get their fix sooner rather than later.

MDK Noodle is located at 9798 Bellaire Blvd Suite F in Asiatown.

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